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Developed as the stateside sister of K2 Fireside Talks (previously for global insight internal to K2), K2 Sidewalk Talks will see host Christine Burton sitting down with members of the USA Team to discuss their role, their professional experience and what ‘because it’s personal’, the K2 ethos, means to them. We believe that the K2 service offering is unique amongst RMCs (Relocation Management Company): by providing an authentic and personal insight into how K2 operates, K2 Sidewalk Talks will give viewers the opportunity to decide this for themselves.

Today, we are delighted to present the pilot episode of K2 Sidewalk Talks. In this episode, Christine is joined by Virginia Howard, Client Services Operational Lead based out of K2’s Houston Office. Christine asks Virginia to speak about the day-to-day of her role, the personal experiences which have shaped her approach to her work, and the meaning of ‘because it’s personal’ for her. The pair also discuss what a client can expect from a partnership with K2, as well as the one thing that they would change about the global mobility industry if they had the power to do so.

“For me, ‘because it’s personal’ means bringing in how I would feel if I were in our assignees’ situation. What would I want to have and how would I want to be supported? It means thinking about anything that I can do, even the smallest of things, to ensure that my assignees are getting what’s best for them, and that they’re feeling really confident and happy about their move.

So, for example, if an assignee is moving with kids, I’ll ensure that our home search DSPs (Destination Service Providers) bring along something for the kids to do during the search process. I want to make the kids feel that they’re part of the relocation and that they matter. Having the kids involved in a move makes it a better experience for the whole family unit.”

If our Sidewalk Talk has piqued your interest and you’d like to learn more about how K2 can support with relocation services, please navigate to our Relocation page.

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