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Meeting business & personal needs

We guarantee an efficient, distraction-free service

At K2, we know from experience that when considering the practical move elements of relocating your employees you will be looking for a service provider that can guarantee an efficient, distraction-free service as well as one that provides value for money.

A key differentiator of our move management service lies in our independence from the transportation industry. Through our independence, we have the freedom of the market and are able to take an impartial, agile, solution-orientated approach. We promote value, service experience and accountability which drives excellent service value as a result.

For every move we evaluate, select and manage the most appropriate service partners to match the exact requirements of each of our clients. Our rigorous partner selection and management through our Global Approved Partner Programme, provides us with an expansive network of the very best providers, selected on merit, and managed through stringent performance and value ratings.

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A simple model

Our model breaks down the logistics into each facet of the move

Facets of a move include origin services, freight, clearance, haulage, destination services. Itemising the move in this manner allows greater control of the process and increased cost efficiencies by going direct to source.

To start with, we undertake a pre-move survey – either in person by one of our specialists or, for convenience, by the relocating employee via our app. This provides the key information for our bid request which we send out to our partner network, covering each aspect of the move. The returns from our partners are then compiled and presented in a Moving Cost Estimate.

Easing the process for you

Moving Cost Estimate

Our unique Moving Cost Estimate (MCE) offers the choice of three competitive quotes from our carefully selected partners for each relocation.

It provides a range of options on which to base your choice of service provider on – be it price, service differentiation, or what may best suit your relocating employee. This ensures you receive commercially competitive options while maintaining optimum service excellence for each move.

For ease of approval, cost containment, and cost breakdown the MCE clearly and concisely presents exactly what you are paying for, why, and how much. Once approved, we book and manage the shipping package of your choice. We are committed to providing reliable cost estimates and commit to a transparent fixed price policy for door-to-door services, including the cost for logistical services. Quite simply, the price that has been quoted will be the price charged.

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A single point of contact

From start to finish we also provide a single point of accountability for both you and your relocating employee

Our regional offices ensure that we have 100% coverage of all time zones, and local knowledge to support relocating employees.

And, behind the scenes at all times, our GMS qualified specialists audit and monitor our partners selected via our Globally Approved Partner Programme for optimum performance.

We don’t just stop there. To ensure we provide the maximum in service excellence and peace of mind for both you and your relocating employees, our experienced, trained consultants will also walk your employees through documentation requirements, transit times, insurance, and any nuances of the departure/destination location.


Paying attention to detail, more than just the shipment of belongings

Throughout the assignment, our client focused teams will also continually assess your ongoing needs and expectations, and with the help of our Ascent case management platform we ensure we fully understand, communicate and police your policy – tracking and reporting on all exceptions, savings and trends.

We also know that relocating employees often require associated services alongside the shipment of their belongings. Considerations of storage needs at either home or host location, packing and handyman and finishing services are often key to making a move feel a complete success. We offer services to fulfil these needs, appropriate to budget and policy expectations.

Simplifying the process, taking away the burden

Moving is an extremely busy time. It often creates ever expanding to-do lists and increased stress levels.

At K2, we understand that the last thing a relocating employee wants to do before a move is to go through all of their possessions and itemise each one, trying to find values for each in case of loss or damage. However, properly insuring your relocating employee’s belongings is critical to a successful move process.

To help reduce the burden of this tedious task we have created a unique, fully comprehensive, door-to-door, all risks insurance package — K2 Clear Insurance. This product avoids time-consuming valued inventory lists which also run the risk of items being missed and creating calculation errors. It simply requires listing high value items. Everything else is insured on a cost per cubic meter basis, so your relocating employees don’t have to itemise every object that’s being moved. This makes it quick and easy to set up. And, in the rare occasion something is lost or damaged en-route, we also ensure that claiming is simple, and settlements are made quickly.

Key advantages of K2 Clear Insurance include:

  • In-house claim assessment which ensures a swift and efficient claims process.
  • 30-day claim notice period with clear and simple forms.
  • 15 business day settlement period.
  • Zero excess.
  • Full replacement value coverage.
  • Inclusive coverage for pairs and sets, mechanical and electrical derangement, and mold/mildew in transit.
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Ensuring cost-effectiveness, delivering fit-for-purpose solutions

When considering short-term assignments, the costs, speed and scalability of service are crucial.

At K2, our short-term mobility shipment service offers a cost-effective alternative to excess baggage. These lightweight short transit, more environmentally sustainable, air shipments are ideal for relocating employees who are undertaking short-term assignments or being moved on a graduate or lean type of programme.

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Taking the time to care, providing specialist accredited service partners

For many, a family pet is an important member of the family unit and loved and adored by all.

So, when relocating it’s important to take this in to consideration. We work with your relocating employee and our carefully selected caring pet experts through our Global Accredited Partner Programme. This ensures that their pet travels safely and comfortably door-to-door to anywhere in the world.

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