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We are proud of our track record in the US, where we, in typical K2 fashion, continue to drive cost efficiencies, commitment to service excellence and redefining more historical approaches to relocation to deliver the best possible solution to our clients.

US Domestic specific services

Services, specifically in the US include the management of home sale, mortgage assistance and home purchase that complement our core services such as home finding, rental assistance, temporary living support, school search, area orientation, transportation of household goods and storage, and auto transportation, as well as partner and family assistance and much more.

With regards to domestic US relocation management our full suite of services also includes policy counselling, processing of all relocation related expenses (auditing, reimbursement, and tax assistance calculations which are then further reported to payroll), and management of all relocation related services customised to your needs.

We can source, audit, and pay all suppliers and consolidate all cost reporting. We also manage all functions in-house and remain fully accountable for any service partner performance, providing a tailor-made solution from start to finish for you and your relocating employees.

Policy counselling

Working in partnership, ensuring your employee knows and understands their benefits

When moving your valued talent from one business critical area to another you’re looking to limit the distraction of relocation so that they can keep focused on what’s important.

When moving your valued talent from one business critical area to another you’re looking to limit the distraction of relocation so that they can keep focused on what’s important. Our approach is to act as an extension of your HR function to ensure your domestic relocations run as smoothly and burden-free as possible.

Our highly experienced relocation consultants work closely with you to take on the detail of your domestic or international relocation programmes and manage all of the aspects of your relocation related services to ensure a streamlined transition.

As part of our policy counselling service a K2 consultant will provide an initial review of all domestic policy benefits and requirements to ensure a complete understanding of your domestic mobility programme. We will also answer any questions and identify all the specific needs of your relocating employee and their accompanying family.

Following this initial review, a K2 consultant will also be available to review each policy element throughout the relocation process until all needs are met, the employee is fully established in their new location, and no further services are required.

Maximising value and efficiency, offering tax favourable options

Providing support during the home sale process to ensure your relocating employee obtains the best price as quickly as possible is vital to a successful domestic relocation.

At K2, we’ve developed a comprehensive suite of home sale support services to ensure your transferring employees receive the best price with minimal distractions – enhancing their relocation experience and ensuring they can focus on being productive in their new role.

To help manage costs, risks and tax advantages, we can also support the administration of certain tax protected home sale programmes such as the direct reimbursement of home sale expenses through the Buyer Value Option or the Guaranteed Buyout. We can flexibly deliver against these programmes, or alternatives, according to your policy specifications.

Home marketing assistance

Optimising sale price and timing, supporting your talent
To enhance the speed and ease of selling a home, we offer a marketing service where we use market insights to develop a strategy to optimise the sale of your relocating employee’s home.

We provide the employee with a list of highly experienced relocation qualified real estate agents to choose from and order a Broker’s Market Analysis (BMA) to establish a recommended list price and probable sale price for their home.

Using the BMA, we will devise a marketing strategy to best support the sale of your employees’ home. This can include:

  • Suggestions on how to prepare the home for sale.
  • A recommended listing price and anticipated sales price.
  • Information on competing properties for sale and recently closed comparable homes.
  • A designated buyer profile for your employee’s property.
  • Creative home sale promotion ideas.

A K2 consultant will also monitor the listing effort, including a review of homes currently listed in the local area and an evaluation of recently closed properties to ensure that a realistic pricing strategy is in place.

This service also includes pro-active marketing-strategy calls as well as follow-up on buyer and agent feedback, advertising and open house events. Our K2 consultant will also make recommendations to adjust pricing, advertising, and terms and conditions to achieve a positive outcome in the critical timeframe.

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Providing specialist expertise and advice, ensuring a successful move within programme expectations

Finding the right home in a new location is also a vital element of a successful domestic relocation. But it can be a challenge for a relocating employee to know where to start and get advice to help with choosing a new home and precise location that will suit their needs.

At K2, we provide access to qualified real estate agents in our K2 Real Estate Network who are able to assist with area counselling and provide specific information such as:

  • Types and price ranges of homes for sale.
  • Town and neighbourhood data.
  • Property tax information.
  • Commuting information.
  • Education, medical, religious and other personal information.

These highly experienced real estate professionals are specially trained to address issues that are unique to relocation. Use of these agents can also relieve your relocating employee of any pressure to use the services of a friend, relative, or acquaintance in the real estate field which can lead to issues with policy compliance.

Once a home is found in the destination we will assist, along with the real estate agent, in presenting a contract-of-sale to the sellers of the home and a full review of all the terms and conditions will be conducted prior to presentation. Once an offer is accepted, we will also assist with any documentation of policy benefits required by the mortgage company to close the loan.

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Simplifying the process, streamlining and expediting relocations

Applying for a mortgage can be a complex, time consuming and a distracting undertaking for a relocating employee.

To simplify the process, we have established relationships with several national lenders who offer preferred relocation specific rates, streamlined qualification and direct billing of covered expenses.

Some of the benefits of this service include:

  • Competitive rates for relocating employees
  • Pre-approval prior to house hunting trips
  • Prompt mortgage approval and processing turn-around times
  • Reduced documentation requirements
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Specialist service

Moving your employee’s vehicle from A to B, stress-free

Looking after your talent and ensuring a great relocation experience is key for optimum success and productivity. Offering support with the relocation of their vehicle can reduce the burden of re-selling, rearranging loans or driving long distances.

Using our preferred network of providers, K2 can co-ordinate the pickup, transportation and delivery of your relocating employee’s vehicle to their new destination. To ensure a burden-free service we use professional auto transport companies to support standard or specialty vehicle moves.

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Offering cost control

Tailored to your needs and budgets

Due to cost control or efficiency priorities some organisations look to run part of their US domestic relocations through lump sum programmes as an alternative to a managed relocation. The challenge can be ensuring no loss of value or positive experience.

At K2, we can offer varied customised solutions designed to provide the tools and support needed for you to retain visibility and tracking, whilst offering the information needed for your employees to self-manage their relocation.

Our offer can include disbursement of the lump sum, provision of tools to assist your relocating employee when using preferred suppliers, and tools to assist timeline and budget tracking to ensure controlled parameters, compliance and effective and timely use of their lump sum benefit.

From experience we also often find that further expert advice and guidance throughout the process is beneficial, depending on your needs and budget.

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Lump sum app

Mitigating the risk of lump sums with technology

One of the greatest challenges to an employee managing a lump sum relocation is that they will not be aware of the cost of services and which suppliers are credible or not.

To combat this K2 has developed an application that employees can use to manage their moves from start to finish. In giving employees the information, costs and support to manage their own moves you mitigate the challenges they face.

The application has:

  • Pre-loaded approved providers
  • Live costs
  • Budget tracker
  • Expenses tracker
  • In-app service requests
  • K2 consultant as online support
  • Dynamic menus that respond to employee choices
  • Full range of all mobility services including but not limited to: moving, home sale, serviced   accommodation, hotels etc.

The lump sum amount is loaded into the application and the employee can run their own cost scenarios based on which services they think they’ll need with variables in costs built in dependent on factors such as but not limited to:

  • Family size
  • Home and host locations
  • Property sizes
  • Home sale and closing costs

Any communication with providers is monitored in the background by a K2 consultant and should additional assistance be required a K2 consultant will be on hand to guide the employee.

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