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Tech with purpose

Designed in-house

It enables us to track assignment services worldwide in real-time, giving clear visibility, accountability and accessibility to all of our services.

Ascent delivers the flexibility, security and control to fully support our specific operational processes and client needs. It provides instant, accurate, unified global assignment data and reporting – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – to all relocation stakeholders. With built in configuration options, we can tailor the system to your policies, track additional information and report in your language.

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Always on

Stay connected with your relocating & on assignment workforce 24/7

Our mobile friendly client dashboards enable clients to initiate services directly online, ensuring a secure and efficient process for transferring data.

Through the portal our clients can also run destination service cost estimates and analyse their global expatriate population through demographics.

Ascent is built to support application programming interfaces (APIs) – this gives us the capability to integrate directly with your in-house software solution and receive initiation information without the need for a separate login.

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Assignee support

Ascent expense - relocation accounting

When employees relocate, they inevitably create a complex and variable trail of expenses.

From paying their salary to the rent and school fees, expenses need to be managed quickly and efficiently to keep your employee happy and your budgets under control. This trail also needs to be reviewed, paid, reconciled, and reported to ensure proper compliance.

The consequences of mismanagement can create a spiral of confusion and complaints and increase risks of exposure to potential financial penalties. Our data can be provided to the big 4 accounting firms to assist in more efficient financial management.

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Video surveys for greater levels of engagement

Working with our strategic partners VideoAsk we are able to provide highly engaging, personalised video survey’s to our clients to get vital feedback from them on what has been successful and what needs work during their experience with us.

Getting feedback on service delivery is vital to understand where we need to improve. As part of our Kinetic business goals we have targeted ourselves with a 95% assignee satisfaction and 98% client satisfaction, in order to achieve this, we need to know what works and what doesn’t, for everyone.

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