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What do we offer?

You name it! We become part of your team.

Alternatively we can provide support in specific areas such as producing cost estimates, drafting transfer or assignment documentation, and relocation support including sourcing accommodation, schooling, destination services, language training, cultural orientation and shipping of belongings.

whether that be on a short- or a long-term basis, and work with you on all aspects of operational day-to-day delivery and end-to-end case management. For example, we might take ownership of:

  • Cost governance processes
  • Initiation and oversight of service partner deployment
  • Creation of transfer and assignment documentation, including cost estimates and assignment budgeting
  • Policy counselling
  • Administration of compliance (tax, social security and immigration services)Coordination of payroll activity

What makes us different?

Accountability for the experience of both the assignee and our key HR/Global Mobility contacts is key for the K2 assignment management team.

For a client, relinquishing day-to-day control of critical business areas such as forecasting assignment costs or instructing payroll can create a huge amount of anxiety.

In order to ease this anxiety, ensure trust and build confidence, we provide the client with a dedicated contact/team with inhouse experience, and assume full accountability. This means that challenges cannot just be passed on to somebody else because they are ‘too complex’ or ‘out of scope’; we take responsibility for the delivery of all of the assignment management services entrusted to us. This motivates us to go that extra mile, all of the time.

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