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What do we offer?

Our highly experienced team focuses on helping you to successfully navigate the myriad of complex and constantly evolving immigration rules.

We ensure that your immigration requirements are well conceived and efficiently actioned, enabling your assignees to commence work in their new location on time and distraction-free.

Whatever your circumstances, we make the effort to fully explore all factors and interdependencies, tailoring our offering to enhance service control. Our expertise encompasses the following:

  • Immigration consultancy, including immigration requirements review
  • Conception and delivery of solutions for long-term assignments, short-term assignments and business travel
  • Advisory services, including policy and compliance, certified sponsorship, workplace audits and training
  • Document handling, including authentication, translation and retrieval of originals
  • Visa application management and real-time tracking
  • Permits and residency application management

What makes us different?

The K2 immigration service is not a transactional, form-filling affair that is immediately followed by radio silence.

We integrate with and therefore become a part of your team, allowing us to view situations from your perspective and so preempt answers to questions that we know will be coming.

Furthermore, as a part of your team it becomes easier to develop a rapport with you, which improves communication and accelerates the process of building trust.

Our coverage is truly global – our team of inhouse immigration experts delivers services across multiple regions and across a diverse range of industry sectors. Our focus, methods, commitment and global reach result in a holistic and integrated immigration practice which both defines and fits your individual requirements, running in seamless alignment with your hiring and relocation activities.

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