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Global visionaries

The leadership team

Our senior management team have a wealth of in-depth expertise and experience spanning decades and all aspects of global mobility – gained in-house managing global assignment programmes or through independent strategic consulting projects.

Led by our founder Nick Plummer, he provides oversight and shareholder accountability of the organisation’s capabilities and cultural enhancements to ensure they keep apace with its business growth agenda.

Nick Plummer

Group Chief Executive Officer
K2 Global

Nick is a co-founder of K2 and has over 20 years’ industry experience in global mobility and international move management. He provides oversight and shareholder accountability of the organisation’s capabilities and cultural enhancements to ensure they keep apace with its business growth agenda.

His focus is to guide the overall strategic development and continuous improvements of K2’s service offering. “I founded K2 in 2002 when I saw that there was an opportunity for an international relocation company that could differentiate itself by providing consistent service excellence, transparent pricing and full service line accountability to valued clients. Today, I feel proud that K2 is achieving this vision by continually demonstrating that we are a world class global relocation service provider that our clients can trust and work with to optimise the value in their mobility programmes.

My instinct has always been to listen first, focus on the customer and maintain a practical ethos in our global approach to business. I believe that at the heart of any great service organisation should be a constant focus on the customer, making them and the individuals interacting central to your strategy and remaining agile to meet their evolving needs.

My passion for working in this industry has always been based on a drive to achieve excellent outcomes for clients regardless of circumstance. Fundamental to our success is our ability to build a strong understanding of our clients’ global mobility needs and work successfully with relocating employees to ensure their relocation experience is positive and enriching, for them and their families.

My focus now is on enhancing our strategic growth and further diversifying K2’s capabilities, culture and corporate social responsibility strategy. My vision for K2 is underpinned by our focus on building trust and confidence in our service capability, delivering transparently, ensuring attention to detail and consistently achieving successful outcomes – all guided by a precise understanding of our clients’ expectations and priorities.

Central also to our successful development has been the ability to recognise and appreciate the skills and qualities possessed by others around me, enabling them to add the greatest value to our business. I am immensely proud of the outstanding global team I work with – people who are agile in thought, loyal and passionate about what they do, but also capable and willing to question, challenge and promote change within K2.

In an industry that is constantly changing, innovation, security and continuous improvements are key, but nothing changes the need to understand and serve your customer. I believe passionately that K2 holds true to our original DNA and I am proud that today we are still delivering on our original promise – providing unparalleled and trusted service excellence to our customers who also believe that ‘good enough’ just won’t do.”

Rob McFarland

Group Chief Commercial Officer
K2 Global

Rob joined K2 in 2018 and has over 20 years’ experience in both senior HR and global mobility roles where he has overseen the development of large, complex teams in business critical and challenging locations.

He has developed an in-depth knowledge of the sector through his work in a wide variety of prominent organisations in investment banking, legal, oil and gas and management consultancy fields. His focus is on enhancing K2’s full service capability, cohesion and global strategic and operational effectiveness.

“Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work on large, prestigious assignments from both sides of the global mobility sphere – as the recipient of services and also overseeing a multitude of assignments as a practitioner. I have worked as a global mobility and HR leader on the client side in a variety of industries and I have also been an assignee, having completed multiple international business growth assignments throughout Asia, the Middle East, India and Europe.

I find this personal experience of both perspectives gives me a unique insight in to what both a client and relocating employee expect and need from our service. Thanks to my international career I am also able to assess strategic and operational risks, and understand compliance considerations from both local and global reputation perspectives. I take great pride in using this understanding to translate how K2 can support and create value, both strategically and through service delivery, to achieve positive outcomes.

Joining K2 was a natural step for me after developing a strong relationship with the K2 leadership as a client. My management ethos has always been to set high levels of expectation for the quality of service in every team I’ve led and I feel K2 shares this same perspective by seeking to minimise the distraction of relocating by taking on the burden and ensuring every detail is in hand.

My focus as Chief Commercial Officer is to enhance K2’s full service capability and connectivity across our global network of experts. I work to ensure we consistently deliver the K2 way in terms of unwavering commitment to tailor-made service excellence, passion and attention to detail. We have built a culture where everyone cares about getting it right and providing the value and reassurance clients and relocating employees are looking for.

It is all about the long-term relationship, never just an assignment, transaction or process view. It’s about the detail and what the service experience means for the person – client or relocating employee. Our reward is a happy customer. I also make sure that what we promise is delivered and that no operational difficulties stand in the way of our commitment to service excellence.”

Jo Wakeham

Group Managing Director
K2 Global

Jo joined K2 in 2020 as Group Managing Director, with over 25 years’ industry experience in various global mobility roles. She has developed a strong knowledge of the industry through spending many years in senior roles at some of the industry’s largest relocation management companies, where she has overseen large global teams and complex global engagements.

Jo’s initial focus is K2 Europe’s business, with regards to business development, strategic planning and operational effectiveness. In addition to this, Jo is responsible for a number of global projects and initiatives focusing on cohesion, communication and collaboration across regions.

“After having worked at relocation management companies for nearly 30 years, I decided to change track a couple of years ago and I moved into the data and research arm of global mobility, where I had an opportunity to learn a different discipline.

Whilst in that role, I kept my eye on the RMC world, and noticed that K2 was somewhat disrupting the market, in a positive and exciting way. Whilst not front and centre of events and conferences, they were quietly but surely creating a unique brand around customer service excellence that had the market talking. Therefore, when the opportunity arose for me to join K2 in a new role, I jumped at the chance to be part of something different, in an industry that hadn’t changed all that much over the past few decades.

And I am very happy I made the leap! My role allows me to focus on all the areas of my previous roles that I enjoy the most; working with clients to provide solutions, working with customers to provide service excellence, working collaboratively with colleagues around the world to drive operational efficiencies and working with such smart and experienced people who are motivated to make a real difference.

I am truly passionate about making a difference, having a voice and about working collaboratively to continuously improve upon everything we do; by really listening to our clients and our own great team members and acting on that feedback quickly and effectively. I am excited about the future of global mobility and delighted to continue helping our clients find the solutions that help them to attract, retain and mobilise their talent and grow their businesses.

Phil Hunt

Managing Director
K2 Americas

Phil joined K2 in 2008 and has over 25 years’ experience in the global relocation and removals sectors. He has developed a strong knowledge of the industry through his positions in a broad variety of global mobility related functions including insurance, finance, vendor management and account management.

His focus is K2 Americas business development and ensuring strategic and operational effectiveness across the region.

“Having previously built a strong relationship with the K2 leadership over a number of years whilst working as an approved provider of the K2 Global Accredited Partner Programme, I developed an understanding of the K2 model and I liked what I saw. K2’s philosophy of a consistent commitment to service excellence, attention to detail and always striving to do better really attracted me to work here.

I take great pride in having been part of K2’s organic growth and evolution over the past 10 years through our work to retain long-term clients and win varied and exciting new ones. Having joined a much smaller company, to being part of the global operation we are today, I am able to appreciate the scale of all that we have achieved and I am enthusiastic about the new opportunities and what lies ahead.

I believe a fundamental difference in the service we deliver lies in the fact that we have the experience, empathy and understanding to recognise that we are often working with an assignee at a significant point in their career or life choice, especially if there are family considerations involved. It’s all about customer service. We take a no-nonsense, can-do approach and ensure we make things happen. We don’t shy away from problems, and go the extra mile to fix any rare issues quickly and get the job done.

My focus now is to deliver the same level of exceptional, tailor-made global mobility services in the US. There are great opportunities where we can offer our global and domestic services to the myriad of companies with varying levels of experience and cultural recognition of mobility and talent management. I want to continue our positive growth in this market, take up key opportunities as they arise, and work with client’s to add real value to their global mobility programmes.

My approach with clients is built on a foundation of understanding, adaptability and a strong commitment to service delivery excellence. I ensure that we are consistently attentive, listening to their requirements and finding the solution that fits their needs exactly.

We make a point of working to gain trust and confidence in order to develop a thriving service relationship, be it with the client or the relocating employee. Building a solid understanding of their needs and expectations is key to the way we work. For me, this means we ensure we’re not a faceless process, but are there for clients, meeting face-to-face and making the service human and personal.”

Linda Rafferty

Global Head of Compliance and ESG
K2 Global

Linda joined K2 in 2013 and has worked in a variety of roles within HR and compliance. She is CIPD, GDPR and ISO qualified and oversees and maintains K2’s ISO accreditation, risk and compliance programme.

Previous roles in project management and training in the retail sector means she brings her strengths in planning, stakeholder management, working within process and regulations, as well as strong attention to detail to the role.

“For the past five years I have worked to build on the culture in K2 where compliance is at the heart of everything we do. I want to continue to enhance this further and ensure it remains a core part of our business agenda. I see myself as the custodian and have built a framework, underpinned by our people and their training, to enable the business to effectively run its operations whilst rigorously understanding and considering data privacy protection, risk management and regulatory compliance. Our approach is all about planning and managing the right and tailored level of risk to help mitigate against crisis management.

With rapid technological advances and increasing globalisation of business operations, a professional, well-run international organisation cannot function effectively, or for the long-term, without meeting the highest global regulatory standards, as well as those set locally. At K2 we are committed to adhering to internationally recognised and statutorily compliant procedures and best practices. They are fundamental to our service excellence commitment as they provide the rigorous and ethical high standards that underpin it. We make certain that we are robust in conducting our business in full compliance with all of the industry, national and international laws and regulations, professional standards and recognised business and internal practices. To demonstrate this, I have worked to ensure that we have achieved and retained our ISO certification in quality, environment and information security management.

K2 have committed to developing full time specialist in-house with operational oversight rather than bought-in consultancy which means that, like in everything K2 does, we are more able to tailor our approach. Our board-level responsibility for compliance is also made accountable through our independent non-executive director, which helps mitigate against any potential conflicts of interest.

My role entails ensuring any changes in regulation are implemented. These are reflected in our annual ongoing obligations through audits and surveys, including those of our service partners. I am also our registered data protection officer.

My focus now is to ensure that we apply a consistent rigorous approach to compliance across all of our services and global offices. I enjoy developing ways to find the business value in complex rules, bringing to life the considerations and risks, and streamlining systems to enhance employee and service performance levels, in line with our accreditation which ensures customer satisfaction.” Humanising compliance to make it more relatable and understandable for everyone in K2.

Richard Nunes

Managing Director
K2 Africa & Middle East

Richard Nunes joined K2 in 2012 and has over 18 years’ experience in the global mobility and international corporate relocation sectors. His diverse expertise in providing relocation vendor related services as well as broader global mobility services enables him to work with clients to define their strategic priorities and translate them into successful operational outcomes.

His focus is Africa and Middle East, ensuring strategic and operational effectiveness across the region.

“I’m an entrepreneur at heart, having previously owned a UK-based international relocation company and worked as a vendor as part of K2’s Global Accredited Partner Programme. But I was drawn to work at K2 as I felt that the culture, energy, drive and agility of the organisation complemented my entrepreneurial career. I enjoy working in dynamic, fast-paced environments where it is important to be able to move quickly and be agile enough to make effective decisions and support challenges and complexities in projects.

As a South African, the opportunity to move home and develop the Africa business, having also overseen successful growth in Dubai, was an exciting challenge. Having set the business up from scratch since 2011 I’m proud we’re now well established in the region and successfully providing global service delivery for international K2 clients.

My focus now is to enhance and grow our presence further, delivering services to the well regarded K2 global standard within this vibrant, exciting and energetic market. Our aim is to always deliver results and achieve the best for our clients and relocating employees.

I am a strong believer in the importance of customer service and have set about building the K2 Africa and Middle East business with a focus on delivering outstanding levels of customer satisfaction. Vital to providing a premium service is a commitment to a high level of personal involvement and delivering to high expectations. I like to remain close to the action and maintain strong relationships with the team and customers, keeping abreast of the operational detail, as well as maintaining an oversight of our trajectory towards achieving our strategic business goals.

Fundamentally, it’s all about the service experience and building trust, strong relationships for the longer term, and working to achieve excellent client and assignee feedback. For me it’s about quality, not just profits. Responsiveness is key and we want to demonstrate how we care about the service we provide and how we uniquely take on the responsibility and accountability of the successful undertaking and completion of services. We don’t shy away from problems if they arise and have a can-do, solution-orientated approach to resolving challenges no matter which client or location.”

Richard Rutledge

Executive Business Director
K2 Global

Richard is a co-founder of K2 with over 30 years’ industry experience in global mobility and international move management. He provides oversight and shareholder accountability of global account management to ensure outstanding levels of contract and relationship management to clients.

His focus is to guide the strategic direction of K2 global business development.

“After working in the international move management industry for 15 years, the decision to set up K2 represented a big change from my secure, senior role in an established company. But I had a clear vision and desire to re-invent move management and establish a differential for household shipments. We developed a methodology with an alternative focus, assuring service delivery excellence and pricing without losing sight of the added value of a positive relocation experience with a human touch.

Looking back, one of the elements I am most proud of is the fact that, despite our rapid growth, I believe we have managed to maintain a culture at K2 where people can enjoy their work. We are a client-focused service organisation and as such we set high expectations, but we also recognise and reward great performance. Having experienced some work cultures I personally didn’t enjoy, when first creating K2 I felt it was vital to our long-term success that our people felt they are able to make a difference in their work, working together with others to find effective solutions for relocating employees and clients, but to also have some fun along the way.

I think our clients respect that we’re 100% customer focused, reliable and decisive in our actions. We are proactive and flexible to suit clients’ requirements and able to move at pace and pivot as necessary. We also put a very strong focus on working in partnership, prioritising our positive engagement with clients so that there is a true relationship.

In my role now it’s important to keep on top of market and industry changes and ensure we are agile enough to move with or ahead of them. Staying ahead of trends and keeping change management and continuous improvement a constant is a priority and we demonstrate this in our continual investment in technology, infrastructure, people and skills and our evolving global footprint.

My focus is to see K2 grow further and continue our alignment with developments in the sector, particularly in areas such as policy advisory, assignee management, immigration and expense management. Supporting K2 to continue to scale up and broaden our offering to meet demand, as well as sustainably grow our technical capability, is what I’m passionate about.”

Taryn Whitfield

Head of Advisory Services
K2 Global

Taryn holds an MCIPD and has over 25 years global mobility experience managing global inhouse mobility programs for FMCG, financial services and investment banking institutions.

Taryn then worked as an independent GM consultant with organisations including Goldman Sachs and O2 Telefonica, prior to joining K2 in 2012.

Taryn’s focus is to develop K2’s advisory reputation as a market leader. She is passionate about removing the friction in global mobility and enabling organisations to effectively and efficiently mobilise and retain their people.

“My ambition for K2 Advisory is to deliver an unrivalled and exceptional consultative and advisory service across all aspects of global mobility. Our aim is to partner with every client to truly understand their needs, culture and value proposition.

My corporate experience is invaluable in understanding the challenges, priorities and needs of key stakeholders in the mobility process and how best to navigate systems, processes and relationships to successfully develop and deliver value.

I work with companies to establish, review and/ enhance their global mobility programmes. We have developed a unique approach at K2, investing time upfront to really understand our clients’ organisation, culture, business and talent strategies in order to provide a realistic solution.

We interview key internal stakeholders and assignees to gain insight into the requirements, successes and challenges of mobilising people across the organisation. This insight enables us to establish and implement a scalable framework comprising the global mobility strategy, policy principles, move drivers, suite of relevant and competitive policy guidelines, processes, technology, and organisation design to support and underpin effective and streamlined service delivery.

I love helping and equipping HR and global mobility to successfully and simply deliver well governed programmes, and to ensure an enhanced global mobility experience. Our Advisory approach is always flexible and scalable, we apply a framework to guide direction, but can readily adapt the scope and content. We are not static or limited – we listen, create and tailor solutions, recognising that organisations have varied requirements.

Paul Barrett

Managing Director
K2 Asia Pacific

Paul joined K2 in 2016, bringing with him 12 years of experience in client relationship and commercial roles within the global mobility sector.

Working collaboratively with client companies from a diverse range of industry sectors, he has extensive experience of successfully developing, implementing and managing mobility programmes aligned to clients’ organisational objectives and evolving talent requirements.

His focus is to ensure the strategic and operational effectiveness of K2 across the Asia Pacific region.

“I want to ensure we successfully deliver on the relocation requirements of our clients and their assignees within the region. With such a geographically and culturally diverse range of locations this means our work is always varied, interesting and keeps us engaged to learn more.

Working in an entrepreneurially successful business such as K2 is inspiring and stimulating, providing interesting challenges as we continuously look to enhance and evolve our service offering. An interest and investment in the personal, and delivering a service that cares, is what I feel K2 offers uniquely and is what attracted me to work here.

On a personal level I have always held customer-oriented job roles due to an inherent passion and interest in people, their backgrounds, what interests them and what makes them tick. I find it so powerful to know what brought someone to the stage they are at now, what experiences had an impact on them and why, especially when you’re trying to understand their relocation priorities.

Each of our clients, and every one of our relocating employees, have a unique blend of expectations and needs which we help to determine and deliver against. Through the personalisation of our support and services I believe we are able to differentiate ourselves against some of our ‘one size fits all’ competitors and in turn help to build true value in our service relationships.”

Andrew Hayward

Group Chief Financial Officer
K2 Global

Andrew joined K2 in 2020 as Chief Financial Officer, bringing with him over 15 years’ financial management and leadership experience. He has significant financial experience in complex international organisations, where he delivered transformational business change.

His focus is on enhancing K2’s financial capabilities and global strategic financial effectiveness.

“As Chief Financial Officer, I am responsible for managing the financial actions of K2. I want to ensure that all financial services match the exceptional success and service that K2 provides to it’s assignees. By delivering the same high standards within finance, we are best supporting the business, and in turn delivering the best outcomes for our clients.

Throughout my career I have worked within a range of organisations and I have always found reward in implementing strategic insight and direction. Here at K2, I am working with the teams to enhance our financial processes to deliver seamless transaction flow where possible. As a finance team it is important to always keep our processes moving in the background, in order to support the wider top quality service to assignees that K2 is delivering. It’s important that we do what we say we do, and no operational difficulties prevent us from delivering the best.

I take pride in working together with the other board members, to evaluate the needs of the business and deliver strategic goals, offering my financial oversight and expertise. I also have previous international experience, working within the international software company, headquartered in Paris with a global footprint across the Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific regions. I try to draw upon this insight too, providing me with further perspective. Working together with the board to provide bespoke solutions highlights yet again how everything that K2 strives towards is tailor made where possible — which is unlike anywhere I have previously worked.

My role as CFO also focuses on all areas of risk management within K2. This is not something that is taken lightly and is at the forefront of our forward strategy. I work with other team members as a strategic partner, to mitigate risk across all areas of the business.

The growth that K2 is experiencing is really exciting. It’s great to see a company whose core values surround client and customer care, and exceptional service delivery, succeeding to this level. What’s even more exciting is that this growth is being carefully managed and maintained, to ensure that the core values of K2 are being safeguarded. I believe it’s important to never lose sight of what sets us apart within the industry. It’s not about being the biggest out there, but being the most consistent, and the most exceptional, and keeping our clients at the forefront of everything we do.

Daniel Natoli

Global Head of K2 Bespoke
K2 Global

Daniel joined K2 in 2017 and has over 20 years’ industry experience managing large global teams servicing multiple industries, from manufacturing to the financial sector. He has built extensive knowledge across the full breadth of the global mobility sector, holding senior roles at some of the industry’s best-known relocation management companies.

Through leading a variety of high-profile client engagements Daniel has developed specific expertise in the detailed orientation of high profile moves, with a particular enthusiasm for high quality service delivery and VIP programme development.

With this experience, Daniel is perfectly situated to head up the K2 Bespoke team. His focus is on the business development of K2 Bespoke, personally ensuring that clients receive a level of quality service that consistently goes beyond expectation.

“My experience on both the service provider and client sides means I have a strong appreciation of the inner workings of the HR and global mobility functions. I understand the motivating factors, expectations and best strategic approaches from both perspectives. I am also able to apply contextual insight when considering a programme’s positioning within talent management and overall HR priorities.

Having overseen a variety of teams that look after extremely busy executive-level relocating employees, I know the importance of ensuring scrutinous attention to detail and working intensively to perform and deliver the best on behalf of these critical employees and their organisations. Consistency and dealing positively and effectively with complexity is key, without losing sight of the reassurance and value of a more human, bespoke service. With K2 Bespoke we concentrate on providing a high quality, tailor-made, flexible and attentive service that fulfills the specific needs of each individual. It is this high intensity but personal quality of service that forms the core of K2’s success, and is what attracted me to working here, and is what makes me proud to lead the K2 Bespoke team globally.

I think it is vital to be proactive in building a relationship and to show empathy to relocating employees, guiding and supporting by providing expert advice during what can be a complex and challenging time. With K2 Bespoke we provide an extra emphasis on personal contact at senior level, with increased engagement between K2 and the relocating employee, their partner and the global mobility team. The reward lies in feeling you have helped make a positive difference to someone’s relocation experience. It is also essential to building trust and confidence with clients too.

For clients, I make sure our work and expertise supports their international business growth agendas and that we are acting as trusted guardians of their global mobility programme at all times. With Bespoke it’s about taking the learnings that we have developed through our experience in global mobility and using this to really emphasise the extra quality and service, that goes beyond what is expected.

My focus is on providing further sustainable service growth and development of our global reach without losing the fundamentals of our success — quality, consistency, agility and the entrepreneurial ability to make decisions a reality, swiftly. For me, it is not about wanting to be the biggest, but wanting to be the best and taking pride in what we do. We want to grow in the right way, so that clients can appreciate and benefit from the extra efforts we go to — being there in person at the right time and critical points, being responsive and working closely with partners, providing strong liaison and oversight, setting expectations and getting things right first time.”

Julie Harrington

Global Mobility & HR Advisory
K2 Global

Jewels joined K2 in 2012 and has over 20 years’ global mobility experience both in-house in the financial and investment banking sectors and through consultancy projects for a myriad of clients across industry.

She is dedicated to enhancing K2’s advisory service capability and establishing its reputation as a sector leader. Additionally, she offers internal advisory support, leads /works on global HR strategic projects, and actively engages in mentoring.

“I really enjoy advisory projects particularly where it’s necessary to work through complex issues and find innovative but practical solutions. My experience in-house leading on global mobility programmes means I fully understand the strategic context of global mobility issues from the client’s perspective.

The K2 culture is unlike any I have previously experienced. The entrepreneurial nature means that there is an openness to new ideas and suggestions where healthy challenge is valued. It’s a very solution-orientated organisation, but with a feeling of safety where people are empowered to make decisions and take ownership and accountability to lead on projects and grow and learn with the appropriate support.

When redesigning a global mobility programme, we work hard to adopt a strategic approach. We do this by investing time to understand the culture, people, HR & business strategy, move drivers and operations model. This combined with our in-house and industry experience and specialist mobility expertise gives us an aerial perspective and enables us to make the right connections to develop recommendations in line with the organisation and employee needs. We also use this insight to tailor all our recommendations and documentation to the organisation’s communication style and present them to internal stakeholders on company templates as if they were developed in-house.

What continuously motivates me is seeing the return on investment on behalf of a client, particularly through client and assignee feedback. Knowing we got it right and that things are running smoothly or that we’ve enabled a client to focus on the important aspects of their job and enhance their strategic value and outcomes rather than feeling trapped in the day-to-day transactional work, is the reward. Throughout this process, improving work life balance for all involved is a particular joy and focus of mine too.

I am passionate about building a culture of connection, conversation and personal relationships with clients and colleagues alike, understanding people and their needs and motivations. I am an encourager and like to empower people to deliver their best and build strong team working relationships. I always try to work from a point of empathy where I seek to understand the situation from another person’s perspective and then work to address the root of the issue.  Mentoring is a huge passion of mine and aligns perfectly with my strengths.

At the heart of everything we do in global mobility are people. It’s about companies investing in their people, their skills and their ability to deliver for them. A well devised and successful global mobility programme where employer and employee feel the right balance of service and benefit will only work to enhance this.”

For our global voice

The executive leadership team

Chaired by Jo Wakeham and Richard Nunes, our executive leadership team (ELT) are responsible for the strategic direction of our day-to-day operations.

Each ELT member brings extensive knowledge and experience from working for many years in global mobility. This team has representation from all of the K2 regions, ensuring a global K2 voice.

Amanda Lillie

Operations Team Leader

Based in Guildford, with 15 years’ global mobility experience, Amanda joins the ELT as the UK representative.

The ELT has given each regional office a significant voice, where we can express the direction we want to go in, with regard to operational excellence. This is a unique opportunity for a global company. The ELT has also allowed us the chance to share best practices, which in turn helps us to operate more effectively and efficiently worldwide. I learn something new every time we get together — every day is a school day with the ELT.

From a personal perspective, I believe that my passion for the relocation business and my desire to help everyone succeed and to be the best that they can be, is what I bring to the ELT. I feel strongly about helping identify and encourage the future leaders amongst us, and being part of the ELT helps me to do this.

I would like to see the ELT be a force that strives to challenge and assist K2, to do our best each and every day. I do see the team being an inspirational achievement for the future leaders of K2 and a group that brings all offices together.

Eden Roux

Client Services Manager

Based in South Africa, with seven years’ global mobility experience, Eden is the ELT’s Africa representative.

The ELT has given me an incredible opportunity to work closely with my colleagues around the world. I have obtained a far greater knowledge of country nuances and participating in discussions within the ELT has contributed towards reducing friction between our offices.

The transfer of knowledge within the team has been incredible and we continue to learn from each other and grow from strength to strength.

Being on the ELT means that I have a greater responsibility to lead by example and continuously upskill my team to further enhance the assignee experience.

It has given me the opportunity to make a difference within our organisation as well as expand on the support and knowledge I am able to offer our clients and their assignees.

Jolene Tan

Operations Manager

Based in Singapore, with more than 10 years of global mobility experience, Jolene is the ELT’s Asia Pacific representative.

The ELT is an instrumental bridge between the K2 senior management team and the K2 operations team. Through the ELT we are able to translate the general strategic direction of K2 and form tangible ideas and actionable measures, relevant to each region.

I believe that I bring a slightly different perspective to the ELT, not just due to regional variations, but also due to work experience before I joined K2. This diverse experience allows me to approach all of our ELT duties with a varied approach, helping us to reach best possible outcomes.

Based in Asia Pacific, we operate with a small team. This means that I am often involved with many aspects of the business and I have developed a better understanding of the co-dependencies of the different functions.

The ELT is united in our goals to achieve and maintain service excellence and increase efficiency globally, through developing consistent, effective and clear processes, that can be rolled out globally. By doing so, I really believe that the ELT will support K2’s future growth and ensure that we continue to function as one global team, providing best-in-class service.

Katie Musloe

Vice President Operations

Based in Pittsburgh, with 12 years’ global mobility experience, Katie is representing the US on the ELT.

The ELT has become much more than what I had anticipated when we first started this journey. This group of smart, understanding and passionate individuals have formed a bond that allows us to have a safe place to collaborate across all our offices. Each one of us brings a strength to the group that helps us to grow as a team. I feel that this is the beginning of something special as we continue to grow and work towards an even greater K2.

I am very process driven and detail orientated. I strive to present the best work even if it means rewriting and reworking the process. I believe in leading by example and hope that my hard work and dedication will help to shape the future of the ELT.

Having an ELT representative from each region means that every office will have a voice in determining the best practices moving forward. As K2 continues to grow, it is important to bring a higher level of consistency across all of the global offices.


Country Manager

Based in Dubai, with ten years’ global mobility experience, Samantha is the UAE representative for the ELT.

Over my years at K2, I really do feel that we have operated as far as possible as one global team but I would like to see the ELT continue to push this notion even further — streamlining processes and encouraging collaboration across the regions, ultimately working towards global consistency and best is class service.

Having completed the Client Services Guide, we are currently working on a new set of projects which is really invigorating.  A huge part of our focus going forward will be working on projects to support our people and the K2 family as a whole – this is something I am extremely passionate about as ultimately; our people are our greatest asset.  Feeding directly into Kinetic (K2’s new five-year business strategy which runs from 2022 to 2026), I am very much looking forward to seeing the ELT’s plans for the coming year (and beyond) come to fruition.

I envisage the ELT continuing to act as the voice for each region to reduce friction and to gain a better understanding of regional nuances. By coming together in this fashion, knowledge gaps can be filled through the sharing of experiences and expertise. This platform is unique for a global business and I think it has grown far beyond what we originally anticipated; the bond which we have formed gives us the opportunity to make a real difference within the company and the ELT is something that I am truly honoured to be a part of.


Client Operations Manager

Based in Malmö, with 11 years’ global mobility experience, Tina joined the ELT as the Scandinavia representative in 2020.

The ELT includes a dynamic group of knowledgeable people from within global mobility; everyone on the team brings different skills and understanding. Personally, I bring my previous experience and expertise from working in relocation across a varied client portfolio to the group, and this helps me to approach our plans with a different perspective.

The strategic intent for the ELT, in line with the Kinetic strategic plan, for the next 5 years is People & Culture. This is an area which I feel strongly about and a lot of focus will be put into the growth, balance and recognition of or our employees. We will continue to focus on how we best can continuously support and develop our employees.

My vision for the ELT is for us to continue to build the team with the expertise of our different internal departments to reach the wider audience and to continue to strengthen the relationship and communication across the organisation. Together as a team, what we are creating and delivering will help to ensure consistency throughout K2, as well as across the K2 client portfolio.

With K2 continuing to grow, the ELT is playing an important role in managing this growth and ensuring that our teams remain strong and our service delivery continues to excel.

This in turn will bring revenue to the organisation which adds to the employee profit share incentive plan.

Maria McCoy

Americas Commercial Manager

Based in Pittsburgh, with over 10 years’ experience in the global mobility sector, Maria is the second US representative for the ELT, having joined in 2022.

Having worked in roles within both the operational and commercial arms of the business over nearly a decade with K2, I hope to be able to bring a cross-departmental perspective to the team.

I’m confident that my experience delivering process enhancements and establishing new procedures, along with my positive attitude, will enable me to support the ELT to bring pipeline projects to fruition.

As we move into the next phase of K2, the ELT will be more important than ever, playing a vital role in K2 successfully achieving growth without compromise. The culture here is special, and to ensure it is maintained we need to make sure that our company values permeate everything we do.


Finance Manager

Based in Guildford, Sarah joined the ELT as a representative for the UK in 2022.

As one of the most recent additions to the team, I look forward to supporting the ELT to successfully deliver upcoming initiatives and am excited to have the opportunity to share my ideas and work in partnership with people across the business. Coming from a finance background, I hope to bring a different perspective and skillset to the ELT; I also hope to be able to draw on my experience within the learning and development team in a previous role to drive the continuing personal development of K2 employees.

I believe the ELT is important in driving change and supporting the K2 senior leadership team to achieve the Kinetic goals over the next 5 years. K2 is continuing to grow and expand so I think the ELT is incredibly important to ensure that K2 never loses the ‘Family’ feel and that staff continue to feel valued and supported. The ELT is a fantastic initiative enabling employees from across the world to come together to ensure we are all collaborating effectively.


Country Manager

Based in Paris, with 9 years’ global mobility experience, Julie is the ELT representative for France.

I joined the ELT in 2021, by which time, the team had already begun delivering a number of projects, with a focus on ensuring operational consistency and streamlining processes throughout K2.

I hadn’t seen a working group like this in action elsewhere, but it quickly became clear to me how much value a global group, working together to share ideas and knowledge and develop best practices, could provide.

As a collective, we are passionate about giving the teams from our different locations a voice and recognise the importance of the ELT, as the platform through which to do this. We bring specific regional issues to the table, and work together to find permanent, global solutions and drive change.

It is very important for employees at all levels of the business to feel represented and know that their ideas matter. The ELT bridges the gap between operational teams and senior leadership and is able to act as a conduit for communication. Creating this link, and opening up the lines of communication, further enhances the unique K2 culture and family feel, uniting teams globally and providing a supportive environment within which to work and grow.

Our people

Our positive reputation in the industry has led us to obtain a unique mix of specialists, many with previous leadership and broader HR experience.

Our people have a wealth of experience across multiple and varied industries – from leading financial institutions, cutting-edge telecoms, online retail giants to multinational oil and gas concerns.

They are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to navigate internal organisational challenges. They have the commercial awareness to appreciate the dynamic needs of your business, and recognise the need for connected and seamless service delivery and communication.

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Our core business focus is to provide consistent and expert service excellence with a broad and effective global reach. This is vital to the success and longevity of our business and is of utmost importance to us. We cannot achieve it alone. Fundamental to our service is our ability to develop strong working relationships with our service partners. Expert, detailed and consistent vendor management is vital to our performance.

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Global Accredited Partner Program

We have invested heavily over a number of years

We’ve established and develop our expansive and flexible Global Accredited Partner Programme spanning 186 countries where we oversee a network of experienced and specialist providers.

Skills ranging from shipping, freight and delivery agents to destination service providers such as home search, school search and orientation consultants, and travel, tax, immigration and visa experts – all of whom are fully licensed, accredited, vetted and managed to rigorous and targeted service delivery standards and legal and regulatory compliance procedures.

Committed to three core aims

Service excellence, cost control & risk mitigation

Each current provider has at least two years experience with us, and by signing up to working with us they have committed to maintaining the full range of ISO compliant accreditations, policies and other important service-related documentation.

We guarantee that all of our partners represent K2 as we maintain full accountability for their services. In practice this means that during any employee relocation, or when delivering destination services, a lead K2 consultant works closely in detail with the relevant partner to ensure successful delivery to our standards and expected outcomes.

Thanks also to our independence and impartiality, we can drive cost efficiencies and increase service levels to your relocating employees and business. Because we don’t hold any reciprocal agreements with partners we can minimise risks and costs by selecting multiple partners and choosing the most capable based on quality, service experience and value for money for the service required.

Our clients

We work with clients around the world of all sizes, from start-ups to multinationals

Big or small, we’re dedicated to delivering the same high level of service to each and every one of them.

By working as an extension of your HR and global mobility teams, we enable you to operate globally, increasing the productivity of both internal departments and relocating employees.

We are proud of our rich, loyal and long-standing relationships with our clients, some spanning more than a decade and our industry-beating client satisfaction rating of 98% stands testimony to this.

We have specialists working across a wide variety of industry sectors that include technology, finance, advertising, media, retail, professional services, logistics, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals and construction.

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