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In both our professional and personal lives we are touched by how in the face of adversity we can come together as one to support those in need.

The goal

During our global travels we have met amazing organisations, groups and individuals

The K2 Foundation has been created to bring together K2’s global family of clients, partners and team members. Through a number of global and local initiatives, our goal is to help with children’s futures in the regions we operate in.

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For 2023

We are embarking on our most ambitious fund raiser

Standing at a formidable 8,848m, the summit of Mount Everest offers the perfect backdrop for this trek of a lifetime.

Beginning in Lukla, we will follow the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay – the first climbers to ever summit Everest. Walking in the shadow of the world’s highest mountain, we’ll traverse gorges, visit the Everest Memorial Ground and trek through the Khumbu ice fall until we reach Base Camp.

The higher we go, the harder the trek will become, pushing us and our bodies to the limit. This is the toughest fundraiser we have embarked upon, read more about the preparation here.

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Charitable support

Giving back

As part of our corporate social responsibility strategy, K2 employees are now able to request charitable paid leave (up to 2 days per annum), to take part in registered charity work.

Just as K2 has a truly global reach, so too does the K2 Foundation. As the Foundation develops and grows, our aim is to provide support to local communities within each region where we have an office. Visit the Foundation website to see how we are helping across the globe.


Let us know of how you can help the K2 Foundation meet its goals