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K2 USA are running a virtual roundtable series, titled Virtual Assignment Strategies. For an introduction to the series, and an overview of session 1, please read our previous article.

For the second virtual roundtable session within Virtual Assignment Strategies, the group continued the discussion on virtual assignments, diving deeper into what these types of assignments may look like in practice, and how they can suit different organisations.

Throughout the session the group explored what existing priorities regarding mobility entailed, current involvement in strategic planning, recommendations and tips for virtual assignment options, potential ‘no-go’ decisions, and whether the term ‘virtual assignment’ can easily be defined.

The session was led and facilitated by Eric Pengelly, who was joined by Tracy Figliola, Senior Director Global Mobility & Immigration (Equinix), Patricia Tavares, Global Mobility Lead Americas (Unilever) and Michelle Long, Global Assignment Manager (K2 Corporate Mobility).

Want to find out more?

A full session summary with all the key information and session recommendations, is available. To receive a copy, or to enquire abut upcoming roundtables, please contact

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