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Over the past few weeks, K2 USA have been leading insightful discussions through their virtual roundtable series; Virtual Assignment Strategies.

The first session explored the relatively new concept of virtual assignments and discussed how such assignments are now being evaluated in reactive approach, due to the onset of covid-19.

Throughout the session the group discussed what the term virtual assignment means and explored some live examples, what the current landscape of virtual assignments looks like, what factors would be encouraging these types of assignments, positives for the global mobility industry and finally the costs and risks associated with virtual assignments.

The session was led and facilitated by Eric Pengelly who was joined by Tracy Figliola, Senior Director Global Mobility & Immigration (Equinix), Patricia Tavares, Global Mobility Lead Americas (Unilever) and Michelle Long, Global Assignment Manager (K2 Corporate Mobility).

Want to find out more?

A full session summary with all the key information and session recommendations, is available. To receive a copy, or to enquire about upcoming roundtables, please contact

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