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We understand the material impacts of our business operations, and those of our commercial partner network delivering services on our behalf.  

A key focus has been to make sure that we understand the impact of our business on the environment and on our people, and how we can reduce that impact by: 

  • Reducing energy and waste 
  • Working to set Scope 1 and 2 Science Based Targets 
  • Embedding circularity into our business
  • Providing work environments which promote wellbeing and community spirit
  • Focusing on Governance & Compliance: “Hold us accountable at all levels” 

We now have a strong understanding of energy efficiency across all our offices via BREEAM, LEED, EPC, Green Mark and other ratings. Whenever there is a need to change office space or open a new office, the energy rating of a building, social interaction opportunities and wellbeing elements are all key considerations. These criteria were included in a sustainability addendum to our senior leaders’ employment contracts, written in in August 2022. 

The following table shows the energy ratings of our offices: 

In 2021, the company launched a salary sacrifice electric car scheme which, to date, has provided 13 employees with electric vehicles of their choice. At the time of writing, another 4 vehicles are on order. Based on tail pipe emissions and not accounting for any embedded emissions, the reduction in emissions to 31st December 2022 is 31.49 tonnes of CO2 which would otherwise take 15,743 trees to absorb.

For the full Sustainability Report, please click HERE.

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