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Over the weekend of 8th and 9th of July, a daring band of 25 K2 UK colleagues completed the 2023 Race to the Stones Ultra Marathon – a 100km route starting from Lewknor, Oxfordshire, and finishing at the Avebury Stones, in Wiltshire. Joining K2 was service accommodation partner Situ, fully forming the outfit that were ready to take on the challenge, all in support of the K2 Foundation.

The weather was unforgiving: the first day – which was all steep inclines and narrow forest trails – saw relentless rain and thunderstorms, with short bursts of clear blue skies. Soaked through and shattered, the team made it to the 50km Basecamp, where they camped overnight.

On the second day, it was the beating-down sun that the runners and walkers had to endure for their final 50km. But buoyed by the great views of the English countryside that come with the 3,704ft elevation, our team soldiered on, arriving at the finish line to collect their 100km medals.

Richard Rutledge, Executive Business Director at K2, shares what the Race to the Stones means for K2:

We overcame a challenging route, braved the unpredictable weather, and conquered the distance. This event once again showcased K2’s collaborative spirit when we embark on these thrilling adventures. Participating alongside our service partners in fundraising activities like this not only brings that feeling of mutual accomplishment, but also strengthens our longstanding working relationships even further. By coming together for the K2 Foundation, we deepen our bonds and foster a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the business realm.

The Race to the Stones was completed in support of the K2 Foundation, a charity which was established at the beginning of 2023 and which supports the future of children around the world, particularly within the regions that K2 operates. As it stands, by participating in the Race to the Stones, K2 has raised £11,935 for the K2 Foundation, the donations coming in from the friends and families of those that took part. If you would like to donate, you can visit the Just Giving page, here.

A special mention also goes to Stephanie Barnsby of Forever Living who donated the wonderful health and fitness products. Stephanie and Forever Living have been a long standing supporter of our CSR endeavours and she sends her congratulations.

If your interested in any Forever Living products you can contact her via her online business card or scan the QR code below using your phone’s camera, here.

This challenge was no light undertaking; training was an absolute must and there was no shortage of injuries and trips to the medical tent. But showing true K2 spirit, the team soldiered on and got the job done. A huge congratulations to all who took part!

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