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The process of compiling this inaugural Report enabled us to assess our performance within ESG and sustainability up until the end of 2022, whilst also establishing a clearly defined pathway to making further progress towards achievable – but ambitious – short-term, intermediate and longer-term goals.

Throughout 2023, we worked hard to achieve some of our short-term goals and lay the foundations for achieving future objectives. Once again, we have engaged internal stakeholders to provide an evidence-based summary of our progress across the business during the twelve months since the publication of our first Report: this summary is presented as our 2023 Sustainability Report.

The purpose of a sustainability report isn’t just to talk about successes. It is also a tool which can be used to identify challenges and pinpoint the actions which need to be taken in order for a business to deliver value to a diverse group of stakeholders and to function as a responsible global citizen.

In his introduction to the 2023 Sustainability Report, K2’s CEO Nick Plummer comments:

“The significant increase in the scope of our reporting, both to meet internal demands and to comply with global requirements, has played a vital role in bolstering our governance programme. It enables us to gauge our impact, pinpoint areas for enhancement, establish objectives, and continuously adapt our approach to the constantly evolving demands of sustainability.”

K2’s 2023 Sustainability Report sets out the actions we are taking, as well as the standards against which our performance can be judged. We understand that continuity of efforts is key – a ‘one and done’ approach won’t suffice. ESG reporting is a never-ending story, one which needs to be effectively and transparently documented.

Linda Rafferty, K2’s Head of Global Compliance and ESG continues:

“Companies will increasingly be expected to disclose their sustainability performance, as part of their assessment of their impact on the environment, society and the economy. Through determination, collaboration, and communication, we will continue to drive progress not just within K2 but in the wider mobility industry. We’re enormously proud of all we have achieved, supported by our people, our clients and our partners, but know that we still have a long way to go.”

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