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The troops were still feeling a little under the weather this morning, as some of the team were suffering with the dreaded sickness bug and lack of sleep. However, high-vis jackets went on and the team quickly got to work finishing the final coats of paint in the school building.

Just before midday, the team were asked if they would like to compete in a volleyball match with the school girls team, to which we eagerly replied ‘absolutely!’ Practice commenced and the team quickly realised that we stood little chance against the twelve year olds…

After lunch and before the match began, we were invited into classrooms to teach the children English through word games and songs, which went down a treat! 

Once lessons were complete, it was match time! The children and community clambered down to the volleyball court and after a quick practice session, it was game on! The K2 team took to one side, with the school team on the other and a competitive match began. 

Despite giving it all we had and winning the odd point, the girls team were just too good and ended up claiming the title as winners. Exhausted after a tough match, we clambered back down the steep steps and headed to the cold showers, ready for another morning at school tomorrow.


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Filled with a lot of emotions and happiness following yesterday’s amazing achievement, we set off on our first descend walk back to Lukla. 

Today would be our biggest descend of the trek, with over 1000m of descend in one day, and we can all testify – our knees felt it today! 

This morning the weather was a little bit more cold than usual and we made sure to dress warm! We had a glimpse of sunshine on the trek but after stopping for tea, we were blessed with some snow! 

After stopping for lunch, just outside of Pangboche, we continued with the final stretch and upon arrival we just-just missed the big snowfall. 

Inside the Diner we enjoyed some delicious Hot Chocolate whilst admiring the snow outside. 

Tomorrow we have another big descend day ahead of us, and we will be sure to rest up properly tonight.

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