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Advisory Services. Assignment Management. GM Tax Advisory. Shadow Payroll. Together, these four specialist areas make up K2’s professional services offering. 

Why do we have a dedicated Professional Services team?

Within the sphere of relocation management, professional services are often seen – completely unfairly! – as somewhat of an added extra. At K2, they are so much more than this; they are an integral element of our overall service offering and are often essential to a successful relocation. Our professional services inject the relocation journey with pace and fluidity, plus have the power to dissolve a range of obstacles.

What makes our Professional Services offering different?

In delivering our four professional services, we recognise that no two clients are the same and so we focus on flexibility and commit to building a comprehensive understanding of each one. In addition, we operate a holistic approach which ensures that every single factor which could influence a relocation is considered, even those which only appear to be tangentially connected. These factors include the planning and elements that need to be addressed before a move is even considered, an employee identified or the assignment approved; and those areas around consulting with the business and understanding an organisation’s culture, values and move drivers, all of which inform policy recommendation.

What makes each of our professional services unique?

Advisory Services

Everything that K2 delivers is tailored to fit our clients’ organisational culture. We pride ourselves on our objective approach and partner with our clients so that we are able to fully understand their needs and the challenges that they face. This allows us to create solutions and programmes which quickly deliver to the business. Whilst recognising the multiple considerations, compliance requirements and complexities of global mobility, our objectivity allows us to see that often the best solution may be the simple yet effective one. Our ultimate goal is to identify and build a competitive, scalable and sustainable solution: one that allows you to overcome key challenges, deliver value to the business, ensure a great employee experience, and embrace future growth and opportunities. 

K2 Professional Services Team

Assignment Management

Accountability for the experience of both the assignee and our key HR/Global Mobility contacts is key for the K2 assignment management team. For a client, relinquishing day-to-day control of critical business areas such as forecasting assignment costs or instructing payroll can create a huge amount of anxiety. In order to ease this anxiety, ensure trust and build confidence, we provide the client with a dedicated contact/team with inhouse experience, and assume full accountability. This means that challenges cannot just be passed on to somebody else because they are ‘too complex’ or ‘out of scope’; we take responsibility for the delivery of all of the assignment management services entrusted to us. This motivates us to go that extra mile, all of the time.

Shadow Payroll (UK & Ireland)

A shadow payroll is a method used by employers to fulfil their local tax compliance and reporting requirements for employees on international assignment, or to trigger a secondary withholding tax liability in a different country. It works by replicating or “shadowing” the compensation reporting of the home payroll in the host country, without physically paying the employee. Our shadow payroll service allows employers to remain compliant with their home and host country payroll obligations by calculating accurate tax and social security contributions in the UK and Ireland. This enables employers to keep their employees on home country payroll (and therefore retain their home country benefits and pension plans), while complying with the tax regulations in the UK and Ireland. 

GM Tax Advisory

Relocating for work can create an untold number of challenges. We pride ourselves on providing peace of mind for the employees we move, and one way we achieve this is through comprehensive tax guidance. We can help businesses identify, understand and address cross border tax and social security risks that may arise when employees work overseas. With a deep understanding of traditional mobility programs, we help you identify and deliver innovative, tailored solutions to your cross-border taxation challenges. We are adept at working with seasoned Global Mobility professionals, senior Business, HR and Finance stakeholders, and external advisors. 

Want to learn more?

To find out more about our professional services offering, please head over to the K2 website, where you can also find contact details specific to each professional service. 

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