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As an organisation that puts people at the heart of everything we do, K2 recognises that our global teams are the key to business success, and so are continuously striving to find new ways to develop and support them.

We know that retaining our talent is crucial, and as part of the People & Culture pillar of our Kinetic strategy, K2 has made a commitment to invest in global wellbeing, reward and recognition programmes, announcing two new schemes in 2022 that really demonstrate the value we place on our people.

Read more about these initiatives below:

The Kinetic Benefit

Announced in Q1 of this year, as part of the Kinetic business plan, the Kinetic Benefit is K2’s long term profit share incentive scheme. Available to all K2 employees, the scheme is being offered in addition to existing remuneration.

K2’s CFO, Andrew Hayward, comments:

“The Kinetic Benefit forms part of our K2 employee offer and is just one of the ways we show how much we respect and value our people. It was important to K2’s co-owners, Nick Plummer and Richard Rutledge, supported by the Board, to introduce a scheme that would inspire a positive culture of long service and collective ownership.

We believe that everyone in the K2 family should be fully recognised and rewarded for the expertise, hard work and results they deliver on behalf of the company and clients every day.”

Through the Kinetic Benefit, all K2 employees will receive a share of K2’s business success and profits during the five year Kinetic strategy period (2022 – 26) and beyond.

Each employee will receive an award based on a percentage of annual salary. The percentage will be the same for all employees, with no hierarchical variation.

Andrew continues:

“Hard work and dedication are present at all levels of the business, starting from our teams on the ground, so it’s only right that the percentage reward reflects this, staying the same across the board.”



Unveiled at our recent KINETIC Conference, K2Q is an internal employee recognition programme, which was developed by the Executive Leadership Team.

Amanda Lillie, Head of European Client Services Operations and member of the Executive Leadership Team, explains:

“The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) aims to support the K2 family by inspiring innovation and driving change, to unite our people globally and create the best place to work and grow. Offering a bridge in communication between regional teams and Senior Leadership, we respond to the feedback of global K2 citizens and put in motion projects that make a positive impact on the quality of working life at K2.

A recurrent request from global employees was the provision of a platform through which colleagues are able to say thank you to each other and recognise those team members who really embody the K2 spirit, going above and beyond to assist both clients and colleagues. Taking this on board, K2Q was developed.

Someone who has K2Q is a passionate member of the K2 family, delivering service excellence whilst maintaining integrity in all that they do through collaboration and a shared vision.”


The K2Q programme gives all K2 employees the opportunity to regularly nominate colleagues from around the world who they feel have demonstrated K2Q. Nominees will be recognised internally and be eligible for a financial reward.


These are just two of the schemes offered to K2 employees. Alongside life insurance, health insurance, role-based bonus schemes and a company pension scheme, K2 also provides practical and relevant training and development opportunities, internal progression opportunities and career pathways.

We are committed to maintaining positive and transparent employee engagement, ensuring a defined structure and framework for performance and workload management. Furthermore and most importantly, we offer our employees a chance to be a part of a company that has a unique family feel and a culture of inclusion and innovation.


To find out more about working for K2 and our current vacancies, visit our online careers portal.

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