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As part of our professional services, K2 Corporate Mobility’s role within immigration ensures that the process of relocating from A to B is without any delays, inefficiencies or unnecessary expenses. Without the proper guidance for document processing, compliance issues and unforeseen costs, these issues can occur. With our global team of immigration experts, K2 are experienced in implementing a stress-free, bespoke immigration experience.

A major branch of our Immigration team is located in our Sweden office in Malmö. 2022 has been a year of updates and changes in Swedish immigration, which our team has constantly been responding to. Following a change in government, Sweden has introduced a more strict and secure process of immigration, such as in-person passport checks, and a more rigorous review of all contracts and documentation. Supplied with continuous updates from multiple sources, our Swedish team has been making sure that no matter the changes, our clients’ experience remains a stress-free one.

Patrik Tostemar, a Senior Immigration Consultant based in Sweden, explains…

Reviewing contracts plays a prevalent part in guaranteeing a swift immigration process. We make sure that everything is compliant and correct, and that it forms a complete application. As there is a greater chance of risk now than there was before due to these new policies, we minimize those chances in our thorough reviews, making certain that the applications will be approved for our clients.”

In addition, the advertisement of the job our clients are immigrating for now plays a huge part of forming the application as whole. Susanna Wang, Immigration Leader of Europe, continues…

“The job advertisement needs to be posted with exposure to all of the EU. Whilst this has always been a requirement, these updated regulations gives the authorities better tools to assess and review an application, making it critical to have all documents reviewed by an immigration expert before submission.”

K2 examine every element of the application process, meaning that clients can rest assured knowing that their contracts can be approved by authorities. We will also provide an estimation of the time it will take to complete.

What remains as paramount to all of our services and not least to Swedish Immigration is the personal manner in which we deliver our expertise at K2. Each client is partnered with a singular point-of-contact immigration consultant, who will walk them through each stage from start to finish. No generic emails or automated answers. This is particularly valuable in times of haste or stress. As immigration documentation can be unforgiving, it is of upmost importance that a client can reach out to us to quickly solve any problems that might arise.

Better yet, the locality we provide our Swedish and Scandinavian clients offers peace of mind in the face of any issues that may be encountered. Being based in Malmö, we share not only the same time zone, but the same business culture and etiquette as our local clients. Susanna expands…

“For clients local to Malmö, our in-house team provide in-person support, for example by accompanying assignees to appointments and holding documents in the office for collection. But what is most important is that they know we are here, on hand to assist in any way we can, whether that be on a call, or if possible, in person.”

Whilst we have a global immigration team, our in-house team based in Malmö boasts expertise which spans all Nordic countries. With a well-established partner network in Denmark, Norway and Finland, the region of Scandinavia is protected with tailor-made solutions for even the most unique problems.

Patrik rounds up our services in immigration by commenting on how our clients benefit from K2’s personal approach…

“We take our clients through the whole process and even after it ends, we are here to answer any questions they might have – in some cases months later. I think clients really benefit from this type of service: and how if there is ever a time someone may need help, a K2 immigration expert is only a phone call away.”

Get in touch to find out how K2’s Immigration Team can support you.

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