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With upcoming changes in legislation meaning that foreign firms wishing to do business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) will be required to have their regional headquarters based in the region, we’re understandably seeing a large number of organisations starting to set up new offices in the country.

Of course, having the right people at hand to support this set up is a crucial part of the process. When expanding your global reach into new regions it’s common to move teams of people to new locations to ensure you make the best possible impact when accessing those new markets. And, while moving one person to a new location can be a challenging task, moving a group of people can multiply issues.

No matter the size or complexity, K2 can help manage the process from planning to completion – working with you to coordinate every detail, and tailor all aspects to your specific requirements.

Whether you’re looking to send a handful of key employees on assignment to KSA or need help coordinating an expansive group relocation, K2 can support with all aspects of the move, from immigration services to HHG shipping and destination services.

An important first step however is to get buy in from your potential relocating employees.

Sam Daly, K2 UAE Country Manager comments:

“The prospect of moving to KSA might be daunting for some employees, in particular those who haven’t had much exposure to Middle Eastern culture.

Common perception of life in Saudi Arabia is that it is both restrictive and extremely conservative, but it should be noted that KSA is slowly becoming more liberal and that there have been a number of significant reforms over recent years.

Orientation/look-see visits can be hugely beneficial in ‘selling’ the region to potential relocating employees – we have had several high-level assignees recently who were not sure whether to make the move and all have now signed their contacts having had a one day orientation with our consultant, to view sample housing and experience day-to-day expat living.”

Though there’s no denying that starting a life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be a unique cultural experience, that might not be enough of an incentive to relocate for some. Ensuring that you are offering an attractive enough package to assignees will be a major consideration. K2’s advisory services team can support in this area, providing benchmarking services to ensure that your policies are competitive.

Whether relocating to Riyadh or headed for Jeddah, K2 are more than happy to offer assistance with every facet of your KSA moves.

Get in touch with a member of the team today to arrange an initial conversation.

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