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Nick Plummer and Richard Rutledge with picture frames - where it all began

Last month K2’s offices around the world held celebrations to mark the company’s 20th birthday, culminating in a special event at our global headquarters in Guildford, Surrey.

Reaching this significant milestone provided an opportunity for teams across the continents to come together and toast the occasion, whilst taking time to reflect on the journey that has led to K2 becoming the organisation it is today.

Twenty years of innovation

Nick Plummer (Chief Executive Officer) and Richard Rutledge (Executive Business Director) founded K2 in 2002. They aimed to disrupt industry conventions with a pioneering, flexible approach to managing the household goods process.

K2 launched their relocation services in 2004 with the aim of continuing to innovate and to provide mould-breaking solutions to clients.

It quickly became clear that the K2 solution, unburdening clients by offering complete case management, ownership and accountability as part of a seamless, end-to-end relocation process, was a successful model. Part and parcel of K2’s enhanced service offering was a commitment to delivering consistent, high quality outcomes, regardless of transfer volumes.

During the company’s evolution, they have diversified into offering a full range of professional services, adding immigration services, assignment management, expense management and other associated advisory services to the portfolio.

Striving for service excellence

‘Because it’s personal’ is more than just a strapline – a highly personal, client-first ethos, far removed from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, is at the heart of K2’s delivery service style.

It is this unwavering dedication to assignee and client satisfaction that has led to close, long lasting relationships with clients, and a collaborative working style that often sees K2 employees working as an extension of their global mobility and HR teams.

The importance that K2 places on collaborative client partnerships—ensuring that clients’ longer term talent strategies are supported with local expertise and experience—has been demonstrated with the successive opening of new offices to address clients’ specific needs, in Sweden (2006); Singapore (2007); USA (2008); South Africa (2013); Australia (2015); UAE (2016); France (2020); and Brazil (2021).

Looking to the future – the Kinetic Plan

Following the successful completion of the company’s ‘Aspire’ business plan in 2021, 2022 saw the launch of ‘Kinetic’, a dynamic, five-year culture centric strategy to deliver managed growth and value to our clients with particular focus on achieving:

  • 95% transferee/assignee satisfaction
  • Zero service-related client losses record maintained
  • 98% client satisfaction
  • 15% year-on-year revenue growth
  • 95% employee satisfaction

As well as outlining these ambitious goals, the Kinetic plan sets out six strategic priorities for the five years ahead. These include sustainability, people & culture, partner network and technology, providing some insight into what it is Nick and Richard believe will be key the company’s success, up to the end of 2026 and beyond.

Richard Rutledge, Executive Business Director, comments:

“Technology will be vital to our future evolution. For the most part, the tech that we develop is very much driven by what our clients want. As we move forward, we have to be careful that fulfilling the desires of our clients doesn’t compromise our identity, and that in becoming more reliant upon tech, we don’t begin to lose the human element of the K2 service offering.”

CEO Nick Plummer adds: 

“Since its creation, my passion has always been for K2 and the family that has grown within the company. The faith that I have in our approach and the people who drive it makes me quietly confident that we will deliver on all of our Kinetic commitments. In so doing, we will evolve the right way, the K2 way – staying on target and never deviating from what we believe in.”

If you’d like to join K2, check out our careers portal for more information about current vacancies.

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