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A little under a month ago, K2 attended the International Mobility Alliance (IMA) Conference in Bali, Indonesia. Group Commercial Manager Jose Pose and APAC Commercial Manager Kamil Cwigon led the K2 team, and were joined by many K2 partners from around the globe. The Conference provided a fantastic opportunity for partnerships to be celebrated, experiences and challenges to be discussed, and plans for future growth to be made.

The theme of the Conference was ‘Sustainability in Mobility’. The opening reception included a presentation from Eugene Chua of Footprint, a company specialising in the production of alternatives to plastics in the food industry. Chua presented eye-opening data on plastic and its negative environmental impact, plus introduced the audience to Footprint’s research and commitment to providing viable and sustainable alternatives to the moving industry.

Chua’s presentation was followed by a heart-warming and inspiring speech by Ben Schmidt of Gosselin Group, a leading provider of moving and logistics services. Schmidt was at the forefront of an incredible effort to ship desperately-needed supplies to families in Ukraine, as well as relocate displaced Ukrainian families to the Netherlands and other parts of Western Europe.

After the presentations and the speeches, came the meetings. Kinetic, K2’s five-year business plan, and Sustainability were top of the agenda during all of K2’s meetings, and we were delighted with how our partners engaged with both of these topics – it was evident that they are just as committed as we are to weaving sustainability into their business model. Meetings also focussed on the challenges that K2’s partners are currently facing (e.g talent retention), and gave both parties the opportunity to discuss industry updates, local market updates and business opportunities in developing markets.

When each day’s meetings were concluded, the networking events began. K2 hosted a networking evening for partners with the aim of celebrating and building on long-standing relationships. With almost 60 partners attending, the event was a huge success – instructive, productive and enjoyable! All in all, K2 had a very successful conference and we are looking forward to attending the next edition of the event.

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