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Ahead of the Christmas Break, the K2 Americas Team donned comfortable clothes and shoes, and headed out for a day of volunteering at the Houston Food Bank.

A certified member of Feeding America, the US’ largest charity by revenue, the Houston Food Bank leads hunger relief in 18 southeast Texas counties. It distributes fresh produce, meat and non-perishables to those in need, as well as preparing hot meals for children who are going hungry. In 2022, 60,456 Houston Food Bank volunteers distributed 53 million pounds of produce and prepared 153 million hot meals.

In typical K2 style, the team got stuck in as soon as they arrived at the Food Bank. Whilst some sorted through an assortment of vegetables, ensuring that they were suitable for consumption, others prepared the string bags which are used to distribute the veg. In total, the team sorted through and then bagged 5,461lbs of cabbage, 4,558lbs of carrots and 2,689lbs of squash.

The team have volunteered at the Food Bank on a number of occasions, embracing the opportunity to support their local community as well as to nourish team spirit, as helping out at the Food Bank is also an effective team building activity. Phil Hunt, Managing Director of the Americas, comments that “what we love about volunteering at the Food Bank is the fact that you can see your hard work having an immediate impact. Once you have sorted and bagged the veg, it is moved to the warehouse docking area, from which you see it being sent out for distribution. In this way, you see the next and final stage of the hunger relief journey, and that is very satisfying“.

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