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“I know now that K2 want so much more than just to look good; they want to drive meaningful change.”

The ongoing partnership between K2 and the University of Bath created the opportunity for Business student JJ Baker to join K2 on a six month placement. Taking on the role of a Sustainability Analyst, JJ has been working closely with the Compliance and ESG Team on ways to make global mobility more sustainable. As JJ’s internship draws to an end today, we wanted to talk about her experiences and find out more about her role, her favourite moments, and what K2 has taught her for the future.

Tell us a bit about what you have been doing over the last 6 months.

As a Sustainability Analyst, I have been focusing on behavioural change and systemic mind-shifts within global mobility. Researching existing Nudge Theory literature and exploring if it can really persuade people into making more sustainable choices when it comes to their relocation. Looking at long term results will tell us if people are willing to make changes for the better.

In your first interview, you said that you wanted to be a part of a sustainable company which is a real force for change. Has K2 met your expectations?

Simply listening to the team in meetings is enough to show me that Linda, Paul and Alex are really trying to make a change. They make sure that the ideas that are brought to the sustainability meetings are heard across the company. From idea to implementation, our work ethic drives the process forward: when I look back to when I joined in September, I can’t believe how much has been achieved. From the little things such as a suggestion box or donating our left over food to food banks, to the large scale projects such as getting our carbon footprint assessed… I know now that K2 want so much more than just to look good; they want to drive meaningful change.

Since joining us, what have you learned about the partnership between K2 and the University of Bath, and the integral role that you play within it?

Partnering with a university tells our clients, partners and prospects that K2 are proactive in their sustainable progression. Having academia involved brings a new perspective – the Knowledge Transfer Partnership is trying to encourage a stronger connection between businesses and universities. It benefits the students as they are getting business experience, and it benefits the businesses as they are receiving academic insight. K2 are hoping to have a PhD student take over from me: if their expertise is in material science for example, they can help develop packaging that is more sustainable, proving that we have the skills in place for progression.

What have you enjoyed the most about being at K2?

The people. The members of the Sustainability Team are some of the funniest, most hard-working people I have ever met. Working from home is so hard because there is no one to speak to. So when I’m in the office, going to the kitchen and having a chat with people – whether I work with them or not – is so nice.

The culture here is incredible. K2 really is one global family and I am so incredibly lucky to have gotten a place here.

What skills have you learned at K2 which you can take into your future?

For me personally it is becoming more confident in a social setting. Having the self-confidence in being able to talk to anyone from any department at K2 and still being invested into what their job entails shows me that those at K2 really care about their jobs and one another. The KINETIC Conference in Barcelona proved how tight-knit we all are, even on a global scale. Even as far as sending professional emails; before K2, I was never really taught how to communicate in a workplace environment.

What’s next?

I’ll be finding a new placement (I am leaning towards a marketing or business development role) that will take me up to third year, where I will be studying until 2025. From there I’m not sure as I don’t yet know what sort of career I want to pursue. But wherever I end up, I really hope that it is equally fun and rewarding as K2!

Any final thoughts or comments?

To my team: Linda, Paul and Alex – a massive thank you for welcoming me into K2. And thank you to everyone at K2 for giving me the opportunity to learn by being open to all the questions I had, and – despite my being an Intern for only six months – for making me feel a part of the K2 Family. Even though I’m leaving, I still want to know what’s going on with all of you, so please do keep me updated!

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