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K2 USA have run a 6-part virtual roundtable series titled Future Proofing Mobility post Covid-19.

For the introduction to the series, and an overview of the first three sessions one please read the previous articles 1, 2 and 3.

The fourth roundtable in the series was held in the first week of May and explored US Domestic Home Sale and Purchase. The session was again facilitated by Brad Shepard, Vice President of Business Development in the US, and Eric Pengelly, Director, Global Account Management.

This session was heavily led by expert discussion. Firstly, the group heard from George Conrad, Coldwell Banker Realty, who led us through the current situation within US real estate, highlighting the multitude of various approaches we are seeing across the US states. The group also heard from Meighan Dutt, Guaranteed Rate, who gave a comprehensive overview on the mortgage market amidst the global pandemic. Following this, Cory Wilhelmi, Morreale, gave an update on inspections and closing at this time, followed by our K2 home sale specialist Kathleen Donovan, who closed this half of the session by talking through the current timelines, and key considerations surrounding home sale and processing during this time. The roundtable then took some time to deliberate and discuss the key insights and engaged with the specialists through conversation and questions.

The session then discussed the ongoing and future challenges and questioned whether any of these challenges could be leveraged into opportunities. Our experts again helped to guide discussion by offering input and key considerations. The session concluded with the group discussing the key insights and approaches to the current landscape of domestic US home sale and home purchase and reviewed the recommendations.

Want to find out more?

A full session summary with all the key information and session recomendations, is available. To receive a copy, or to enquire about upcoming virtual roundtables, please contact Brad Shepard, at

The next overview is: Session 5, International Destination Services– Settling in, School Search and Temporary Housing.

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