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Over the past 6 weeks, K2 USA have run a 6-part virtual roundtable series; Future Proofing Mobility post Covid-19.

This series covered a range of topics all related to the global mobility industry, both from an international, and US domestic perspective.

Each week, a new topic was explored and discussed, drawing upon the expertise of relevant industry experts who were present throughout the session. From start to finish, the attendees on the call were encouraged to discuss the different scenarios and impacts that the industry is facing, share examples and contemplate best practices.

To share resources and keep you informed; we will be providing an overview of each virtual roundtable. Within each overview, there will be the opportunity to contact Brad to receive the full summary document. This document will include the sessions key insights, group recommendations and links to additional resources.

Session 1

The first virtual roundtable of the series took place in mid-April, and focussed on Immigration and Duty of Care. The session was facilitated by Brad Shepard, Vice President of Business Development in the US, and Eric Pengelly, Director, Global Account Management.

The session began with a presentation from our immigration expert, Jesper Albrekt, Global Immigration Manager at K2. Jesper discussed the current state of immigration, what the future impacts are likely to be and suggested how it is possible to get ahead of the curve. The roundtable then discussed these points, sharing challenges and solutions that they had experienced.

The session then moved on to talk about Duty of Care during this time. The group listened to Dr. Salwan Ibrahim, Director of Medical Services Americas from International SOS, and Huw Longmore, Regional Security Manager, also from International SOS, and together the rountable planned recomended strategies and recomendations to approach Duty of Care during covid-19.

Want to find out more?

A full session summary with all the key information and session recomendations, is available. To receive a copy, or to enquire about upcoming virtual roundtables, please contact Brad Shepard, at

The next overview available is: Session 2 – US Domestic HHG and Temporary Living.

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