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Himesh, 21, is studying for BSc (Hons) Economics and Finance at Surrey University. In August 2018, he was successful in gaining a work placement opportunity in K2’s finance department for 12 months. We interviewed him to find out how it went, what he’d learnt and what advice he’d give to future work placement students.

Position: placement student.
Department: Finance & billing.
Tasks and responsibilities: main duties included helping out with large client account billing as well as day-to-day billing. I also helped out in other areas of the finance department – management accounts and accounts payable.

What was your first experience of office life like? What did you learn from the exposure you gained and tasks you undertook?

Lessons learnt: I was able to grow my understanding of the different roles in a company’s finance team and how they relate to the operations team. I got to see how new clients are integrated into the current billing process and how K2 caters to their requirements. I also deepened my understanding of the importance of cash flow for a growing business.

Challenges faced: I learnt firsthand what is it like to work under pressure and to deadlines to meet month-end targets. I also got to develop my interpersonal skills, learning how to liaise with clients from different countries who deal with business situations in different ways. I learnt to familiarise myself with new processes quickly.

Proud accomplishments: I feel I successfully and quickly integrated myself as part of a team and settled in to the office work culture. I always made sure my work was completed on time and with great accuracy. I’m also pleased I took the opportunity offered to me to take the initiative, look for ways to add value and learn more through valuable work experience.

Following your experience what advice would you give to future placement students and why you would recommend K2?

Advice: Try and learn as much as you can by asking questions. Try to get an overview of what you are doing and why and how it impacts the business as a whole. If you are unsure, always ask as people were very open and supportive and happy to help.

K2 recommendation: I was able to get a full insight into a finance role and how each department (billing, credit control, accounts payable and management accountant) interact to produce financial statements which is highly beneficial if you aim to pursue a career in finance. I was given specific tasks that were a part of my day-to-day duties which helped develop my personal and professional skills such as communication, time management and adaptability.

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