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Welcome back to Excellence for Everyone, K2’s very own podcast! Last month, we introduced the Excellence for Everyone podcast as a way of sitting down and getting to know various members of the K2 Family.

Hosted by our Social Media Specialist Lydia Rafferty, we delve deep into the world of global mobility, seen through the eyes of all the different departments we have here at K2.

Episode #2 features Raffi Cortanyan, K2’s Global Head of Training. Lydia and Raffi discuss all things training within the global mobility industry, including how Raffi’s personal experiences in being an expat has influenced his career, the challenges he has faced, and why as a growing company it is so important to keep training globally consistent.

To listen to Excellence for Everyone with Lydia and Raffi, you can click on any of the links below:

Apple Music 
Google Podcasts 

If you are pressed for time and wish to jump straight to a particular discussion point, please see the list of timestamps below:

1:00 – Introduction to Raffi Cortanyan
3:32 – Transitioning from Relocation Manager to Training Manager
4:25 – How the role of Global Head of Training came about
6:20 – Who are the Executive Leadership Team, and what is OneVoice?
10:00 – The step-by-step training process for K2’s Relocation Managers
14:05 – How the training programme has influenced and improved K2’s services
19:10 – What challenges has Raffi faced and how has he overcome them?
22:50 – What Raffi enjoys most about his role
26:00 – What does the future of training within K2 look like?

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