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We are excited to announce that we have just launched our first podcast! 


Excellence for Everyone sees host and K2’s Social Media Specialist Lydia Rafferty sit down with various members of the K2 family to talk about their role, their team and their experience of life at K2. 


Episode #1 features Taryn Whitfield and Helen Squibb, both Global Mobility and HR Advisory. Lydia, Taryn and Helen discuss all things Advisory, including what it is, the value it brings, the partnerships involved, and the future of both the service offering and the global mobility industry as a whole. They also share their best stories, plus explore issues that they have faced and overcome. 


To listen to Excellence for Everyone with Taryn and Helen, please click on any of the following links:


If you are pressed for time and wish to jump straight to a particular discussion point, please see the list of timestamps below: 

0:48  – Introduction to Taryn and Helen 

3:02 – Introduction to the Advisory Team 

3:49 – What is Advisory? 

5:30 – The variety of Advisory 

7:02 – Why is Advisory so valuable to clients? 

8:12 – Why is Taryn and Helen’s ability to empathise valuable to clients? 

9:35 – The importance of asking the right questions and so getting to the root of the challenges that clients are facing 

10:20 – How does K2 compare to other RMCs? 

11:50 – How does Advisory enhance the assignee experience? 

13:25 – Who can turn to Advisory for support? 

14:17 – Examples of issues that Advisory has helped with 

17:12 – What does Advisory add to K2 

18:02 – Changing the Conversation (a campaign) 

19:12 – Creating Connections (a campaign) 

19:30 – Tech that Advisory has helped to implement 

21:07 – The Importance of Relationships (a campaign) 

22:12 – The future of Advisory and Global Mobility as a whole

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