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K2’s Operations Team forms the backbone of our Relocation Services. This global team is our clients’ first port of call in making sure their assignees’ relocation is going as smoothly as possible.

Acting as the single point of contact for the assignee, our Relocation Managers are part of a unified team, where no question is too difficult to answer.

Leading this team in Europe is Amanda Lillie, Head of Client Services Operations. Amanda has enjoyed a long and rewarding career in the Global Mobility industry, and it is under her leadership that the Operations Team for Europe at K2 is thriving. With Amanda’s insight, we wanted to learn more about what makes the team tick…

“We are now a team of 54 colleagues in Europe alone, and that growth has always been organic. Promoting those from within the company continues that desire for excellence, and it fills me with joy to see the development of our team. But within our team, every one of us is an individual, and those individuals have a voice which is heard.

Our flat organisational structure brings to the team the confidence to suggest ideas to either their Operational Leads or to myself, and I am very grateful we have a structure in place that encourages that.”

What is mutually inclusive with the success of the team is the success of our clients. Amanda believes the excellent standards of service we provide our clients with are the consequence of three key steps:

“First of all, it is the strength of K2’s relationships. Our Partners are an extension of K2, just as much as K2 is an extension of our client’s Human Resources department. These combined relationships ensure fluidity across all communications, building trust and aiming for the best.

“Second, is the customer focus of the K2 Board. Our leadership’s unwavering commitment to service excellence filters all the way through the company, passing not only to the Operations Team who are in front of the clients, but also to all departments. Which leads me to the third key step towards client success: our people who deliver service excellence every day. Recognising everyone as an individual is so important: we all bring our different strengths, and when they are combined, we can achieve anything. A collective of individuals working towards the same goal.”

For K2, our collective of individuals is strengthened through Q. An initiative brought forward by the ELT, Amanda plays a crucial role in formulating ideas and forming initiatives that help meet the needs of our people.

“The word family is important. To feel part of a family, you have to feel loved, and I think Q helps with that. Being nominated by a colleague for the Q Awards and reading the reason as to why has made my day. It really makes me feel special and valued, and if that is what Q brings to every single person at K2, we’ve done our job with the ELT.”

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