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Have you ever worked in a great place?

At K2, it’s more than a place to do a job, it’s a Great Place To Work®

We adore our K2 Great Place To Work® award! It tells the world that our employees enjoy an amazing work-based experience, founded upon respect, kindness and mutual support. Our culture celebrates that special something inside each person, applauding the differences that bring us together.

We call it the ‘Q’ at K2.

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Do you have it?

Are you unique?

It is our culture, or Q, one that we believe to be truly special, which makes our successes possible, and we wanted to find a way to prove and to celebrate this, the Great Place To Work® certification.

Our Q is unique to the team and culture at K2. It is defined as something special inside each one of us, not measurable, not visible, just a feeling we have, a focus we hold & respect we share.

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Our people are at the heart of our service excellence commitment

We take great care in recruiting, performance managing, retaining, training and supporting the best.

We work hard to ensure we attract and maintain a rich and varied source of expert and experienced employees – making sure we recognise and reward, as well as offer varied development opportunities and interesting roles.

Careers at K2

More than a job

Here are the benefits of joining the K2 family

We are a people business and everything we do is about service excellence and delivering to prove our trusted reputation. For us it’s about transparency, friendliness, accountability, empowerment and most of all, it’s about having fun and enjoying work.

Our colleagues work globally in a variety of roles including relocation managers, account managers, assignment management specialists, advisory professionals as well as experts in a wide range of other technical and professional fields. We support our people in a multitude of ways by:


Ensuring we offer competitive salaries and benefits


Providing practical and relevant training and development opportunities


Offering travel and international relocation opportunities


Providing internal progression opportunities and career pathways


Maintaining positive and transparent employee engagement and empowerment


Ensuring a defined structure and framework for performance and workload management

More than us

Encouraging global social and corporate responsibility initiatives


Flexible and supportive agile working arrangements

Did we mention

We are proud to be a globally Great Place To Work®


Diversity & inclusion

We are an equal opportunity business. As a global organisation with a broad reach in numerous locations, our people, culture and their diverse knowledge and expertise are fundamental to our success.

We pride ourselves in recruiting on merit, strong expertise and capability from a broad range of candidates. Selection criteria and personnel procedures are reviewed regularly to ensure that individuals are recruited, promoted and treated fairly, on the basis of merit and the ability to fulfil their role.


Our current gender balance is 65% female and 35% male

The current ratio in management positions is 57% female and 43% male, and at board level, 22% female and 78% male*. While we exceed global averages across many industries, we are continuously seeking to improve further.

Our equal opportunities policy also ensures that no job applicant, employee or partner receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of sex, marital status, age, disability, race, religious belief, sexual orientation or political opinion.

Applicants, employees and partners should not be disadvantaged by conditions or requirements that are neither justified nor relevant to the role they undertake. We also offer flexible working arrangements to support our employees’ work-life balance.

*Figures last updated on 01/12/2021

Students & graduates

We offer diverse and challenging early career programmes designed to support students who have an interest in developing a career in the global mobility industry. We look to work with positive, driven individuals who have a desire to work in an entrepreneurial organisation and are keen to take on the opportunity to directly contribute to our growth journey and continued success.

These programmes are specifically designed to enable students to explore their potential future profession while undertaking impactful work. We offer practical opportunities to learn whilst doing. Students gain valuable experience by carrying out assigned projects, working independently and as part of a team. It is a great opportunity to learn about the global mobility sector up close and receive the required support, guidance and exposure to our business over 10 to 12 months.

This programme is aimed at young individuals who would like to gain a valuable insight into the way a global mobility organisation functions, learning about the roles and responsibilities and gaining some exposure to tasks and project challenges over a period of one to two weeks.

This structured programme aims to develop the future leaders in our organisation. Successful candidates get the rare opportunity to learn about the full spectrum of global mobility business activity, rotating through each function over a period of three to five years. They develop skills and gain valuable experience in a myriad of business areas – relocation and shipping services, assignment and account management, advisory services, immigration, expense management, sales and marketing and finance and HR.

During the programme rotation, candidates are expected to demonstrate a good understanding of each discipline and identify areas for development with recommended solutions, before progressing to the next area of the business.

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