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Fundamental to the relocation process is getting to know your new city. Destination Services are one of K2’s core service offerings; no relocation is complete without making sure you have everything you need on the other side. And whilst finding your perfect home is arguably the most important and personal aspect of a move, Destination Services cover so much more than just your new humble abode!  

To find out just how integral the role of Destination Services is in the relocation process, we sit down with K2 Operational Lead Negin Bardaei. Negin defines exactly what the service entails: 

“Destination Services cover everything that an assignee would need to have in order to successfully move in to their new home. From home searches and school recommendations to the more niche subjects of interests such as local yoga classes and preferred mode of transport upon arrival, we make sure that all needs are catered for.”   

To go the extra mile for the assignee during what can be the most emotionally taxing part of the relocation process is something that is second nature for K2. Our relationships with the individuals who we move are tight-knit, as Negin explains: 

“Often, when moving to a new country, assignees may not have anyone they know on the other side. Thus, building that relationship and bond with them is invaluable to facilitating a positive experience for them. It’s not uncommon for us to have conversations with our assignees similar to those that we have with our friends…discussing favourite handbags, for example! Once you get to that point, they know that you have their back; if there are any problems, you will be there to listen, to guide and to help them.” 

Having first-hand experience of an international relocation is helpful in terms of fully understanding what an assignee may be going through. Born in Iran, Negin moved to Scotland in 2009 and whilst there, experienced challenges known only to those who have relocated to a new country. Negin uses these lessons learned through her own experience to help those she is moving for K2. 

“Knowledge gained from personal experience is genuinely welcomed by the people we move. For me, telling my own stories and describing my own relocation challenges assures assignees that I know what they are going through. It is only a matter of making it clear and explaining that this is the process, these are your challenges, and we are here to help. It’s that personal reassurance that really brings us closer to those we move.” 


To watch/listen to our conversation with Negin, press play on the video below. To find out more about our Destination Services, click here. 

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