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For your executives & VIPs

It’s vital that your executives or business-critical employees can settle and focus on their new role swiftly and successfully.

Distractions due to relocation related tasks – school and house finding, dealing with home maintenance issues – impact on both productivity and personal lives. And for these employees the need to reduce the impact of such distractions is fundamental to the successful reputation of HR and global mobility teams, as well as your business. We set up K2 Bespoke, our premium, tailor-made relocation service for exactly this reason.


Making the difference

K2 Bespoke is our exceptional service for your critical assignments. We know just how fundamental they are to the successful reputation of HR and global mobility teams, as well as your business.

Due to the unique talent, responsibility, experience and value of the assignees we deal with, it is fundamental that we ensure we take a well-planned approach where we consider all the eventualities ahead of a relocation.

A personal experience

We provide an extra emphasis on personal contact

With increased engagement between the K2 Bespoke team and the relocating employee, their family and your global mobility team.

We concentrate on providing a high quality, specific, flexible and attentive service that fulfils the detailed needs of each individual, freeing up their time to focus on what matters.

Building on the high standards of our Relocate (GM), we provide a range of additional components where we put extra emphasis on developing confidence and trust, and minimising risk, to achieve a hugely attentive, specialist and positive employee relocation experience.

Stemming from repeated client requests for a tailored service to fit their highly-valued employees’ needs, our K2 Bespoke service aims to deliver above and beyond your business-as-usual global mobility policies.

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Thank you for the outstanding service. Particularly the personal attention and reassuring support throughout, from the first pre-move contact, to advising on search, shortlisting, finalising, to moving and completing the formalities. K2 Bespoke was fully involved and on top of the details at every stage. What could have been highly stressful was made very easy and smooth.

PresidentFTSE 100 company

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