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Relocate (GM)

For your talented employees

Professionally and reliably delivered relocation services reduce the burden and distraction of navigating through the legal and personal complexities of relocation and the multitude of important decisions that need to be made.

We have a proven track record of providing high quality relocation services to corporate clients from a wide range of sectors through our two core services — Relocate (GM) and K2 Bespoke.

We support businesses and employees through all aspects of their move, providing service packages for both short and long-term assignments, permanent transfers, group moves and domestic relocations.

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K2 Bespoke

A Bespoke experience

It’s vital that your executives or business-critical employees can settle and focus on their new role swiftly and successfully.

Distractions due to relocation related tasks – school and house finding, dealing with home maintenance issues – impact on both productivity and personal lives. And for these employees the need to reduce the impact of such distractions is fundamental to the successful reputation of HR and global mobility teams, as well as your business. We set up K2 Bespoke, our premium, tailor-made relocation service for exactly this reason.

Bespoke experience

Move management

We guarantee an efficient, distraction-free service

At K2, we know from experience that when considering the practical move elements of relocating your employees you will be looking for a service provider that can guarantee an efficient, distraction-free service as well as one that provides value for money.

A key differentiator of our move management service lies in our independence from the transportation industry. Through our independence, we have the freedom of the market and are able to take an impartial, agile, solution-orientated approach. We promote value, service experience and accountability which drives excellent service value as a result.

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Destination services

Beyond the practical move, ensuring relocation success pre-assignment and post-arrival

With all relocations businesses are looking to harness the potential of getting talented employees to work in key locations to fulfil strategic business needs.

Fundamental and complementary to the success of a relocation is not only the positive outcome of the actual move, but also your employee’s sense of reassurance and happiness, as well as that of their family, with their new location, both pre-assignment and post arrival.

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US domestic support

Specific services tailored to the US market through our US offices in Houston and Pittsburgh

We are proud of our track record in the US, where we, in typical K2 fashion, continue to drive cost efficiencies, commitment to service excellence and redefining more historical approaches to relocation to deliver the best possible solution to our clients.

Services, specifically in the US include the management of home sale, mortgage assistance and home purchase that complement our core services such as home finding, rental assistance, temporary living support, school search, area orientation, transportation of household goods and storage, and auto transportation, as well as partner and family assistance and much more.

Our US domestic services

Relocation accounting

Reducing risk, delivering accuracy and visibility of spend

When employees relocate, they inevitably create a complex and variable trail of expenses.

From paying their salary to the rent and school fees, expenses need to be managed quickly and efficiently to keep your employee happy and your budgets under control. This trail also needs to be reviewed, paid, reconciled, and reported to ensure proper compliance.

Relocation accounting detail

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