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"because it's personal"

is more than a tagline

It's a mentality that all of us at K2 to have and it is shared by our partners and clients.

Our service is personal because that is the only way it should be.

2022 was a very successful year for K2, from both a financial and a client satisfaction perspective. It is our culture, or Q*, one that we believe to be unique and truly special, which made this success possible, and we wanted to find a way to prove and to celebrate this. Enter the Great Place to Work® survey, which was completed by employees across 9 countries and 12 cities, and which returned an employee satisfaction rate of an industry-enviable 96%.

*Our Q is unique to the team and culture at K2. It is defined as something special inside each one of us at K2, not measurable, not visible, just a feeling we have, a focus we hold & respect we share.

Kinetic is K2’s five year business strategy which runs from 2022 to 2026. We want to keep what’s good, add to what we’re doing and ensure we’re anticipating and responding effectively whilst we continuously evolve.

We feel Kinetic expresses the emphasis of this next stage of our business progress — this strategy is all about harnessing the tremendous energy and momentum built to date and channelling it into the next exciting phase of our growth and development. We want to keep what’s good, add to what we’re doing and ensure we’re anticipating and responding effectively whilst we continuously evolve.

Service excellence

Excellence for everyone

Service excellence is everything to us. We live and breathe it.

We know it’s fundamental to our success and longevity and we’ve been continuously improving it and delivering it since 2002. So that we can continue to successfully commit to it, we’ve identified our own personal version of service excellence and what it really means to us, our clients and relocating employees.

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Our KINETIC business strategy

This is not just a commercial strategy...

The Kinetic business plan is the embodiment of our combined efforts and ambitions to continue the climb to the pinnacle of the global mobility industry. While we have succeeded where others have failed, we mustn’t become complacent.

This strategic plan for the next five years aims to capture and protect everything that we excel in and to develop areas that are needed to meet our goals and objectives.

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Client satisfaction survey

We’re incredibly proud of our results for 2021

Thank you to our clients for their insightful responses — 98% satisfaction, high levels of trust, professionalism and partnering.

As a client and people-centric, responsive organisation we know that it’s only by listening to client feedback that we can ensure we focus on what’s needed and make certain our continuous improvement plans are aligned with each of our clients’ global mobility objectives.

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