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Since K2 was founded in 2002, we have strived to be responsible corporate citizens and to contribute positively to society. The creation of our KINETIC business strategy in 2022 gave these intentions heightened focus and renewed momentum. In this report, we’re pleased to be able to review our progress versus the strategy.

We are constantly assessing the key factors that bring positive environmental and social benefit. We try to learn from our experiences in addressing any risks and opportunities that arise. Additionally, we propose innovative initiatives to positively enhance our social and environmental impact. We continuously evaluate the progress we are making towards achieving our commitments, targets, and positive sustainability outcomes.

EcoVadis are a global sustainability ratings company who have worked with over 125,000 businesses worldwide. Through evidence-based, expert-validated ratings and actionable universal scorecards EcoVadis provide K2 with benchmarks, insights and a guided improvement journey for environmental, social and ethical practices. We are proud that in 2023 we progressed from a silver to a gold rating.

In 2023, the EcoVadis assessment was taken by 65 partners (38.62% of our partner network by spend) versus 36 partners (33.12%) in 2022.

We work with EcoVadis to monitor & improve sustainability performance across the areas of environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. Undertaking the EcoVadis ratings assessment process is one of the ways we are able to continually assess our sustainability credentials and progress.


Overall score




Labour & human rights




Sustainable procurement

We are also working with partners in Singapore and Switzerland to start reusing cardboard packing boxes where appropriate and possible. This involves a partner receiving a household goods move, assessing what boxes are of a usable quality and then reusing them in another move. This encompasses key circular economy principles and will significantly cut down the waste from our household goods moves. This programme was started in May 2023 and was trialled successfully with the intention to expand into more regions in 2024.

K2 Foundation raised funds totalling $77,000 in 2023, and these have been used primarily to support the rebuilding of a school in Brazil. The fundraising activities reached a real crescendo at the end of the year with a team of K2 employees travelling to Nepal to trek to Everest Base Camp, and a further team volunteering in the local communities.

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Plastics Reduction

We continue to work with suppliers & partners around the globe to reduce plastics in our supply chain.

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