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“It was wonderful to be invited to speak at this year’s EuRA Conference and offer the K2 perspective on what makes a successful partnership. Partnership is at the heart of our supply chain operations, so this topic is one that is very important to us.”

“Open and honest communication, integrity and transparency were qualities that all those present agreed were essential in a partnership.

Elaborating, we talked about the style and frequency of communication and agreed this should be frequent, delivering not only service updates but also market updates to demonstrate expertise and knowledge, adding value to any true partnership.

A partner should always feel like they can address anything with their RMC as a true partner without any fear; for an RMC, being solution-oriented is key together with the ability to adapt to changing conditions.”

“The objective of the session was for everyone to leave with tangible ideas to take to their teams and make improvements to service delivery or supplier/client relationships, and I think that through the panellists providing some thought-provoking discussion points, and encouraging an open dialogue, this was achieved.”

Jose and three other members of the K2 Supply Chain and Operations teams, Lisa Weisenberger, Roxy Kritzinger and Hannah Dance, were among 750 guests who gathered for the event at the Tivoli Marina Algarve Resort.

The K2 Team were invited to events hosted by valued partners, Global Relocations Portugal and ERES, and they also hosted partner meetings throughout the week, covering areas such as future growth, ESG and Sustainability, Information Security, and market trends.

“It was brilliant to be able to attend the EuRA conference again this year. These types of events are so important for keeping abreast of the latest trends and news from the relocation industry. Not only that, but they’re a fantastic platform through which to engage with thought leaders, build new connections, and nurture existing partnerships.

We thank our partners for their time and the valuable information they shared during our meetings. It was great to hear how our partners have taken K2’s aims and objectives on board and are working with our teams to achieve these goals.

A final massive thank you from me to the K2 team members (Lisa, Roxy & Hannah) who attended the event with me. A wonderful team who demonstrated Q throughout!”