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This time last year we had just returned from our KINETIC Conference in Barcelona.

As we reflect once again on K2’s first ever company wide conference, we wanted to share this film with you…

Barcelona’s KINETIC Conference brought the entire K2 Family together.

250 colleagues from our twelve global offices shared the same Spanish sky, each becoming that much closer to not only each other, but to the core principle that K2 was founded on: because it’s personal. We were there for less than a week, but those few days were enough to further intensify our passion for service excellence and our desire for sustainable growth.

We have encapsulated this passion and desire in the form of ‘Q’– a ‘quality that is very difficult to define because it manifests itself differently in each member of the K2 family.’ (Nick Plummer, CEO). It characterises everything we do; it turns a client contract into a relationship, a vendor into a partner, and a workforce into a family. An idea initially conceptualised by the ELT, the KINETIC Conference was the perfect opportunity to bring Q to life.

More than employees, our K2 Family is made up of a community of like-minded individuals, and the KINETIC Conference was the ultimate demonstration of this. So whilst K2 has grown into an even bigger family since October 2022, the spirit of Barcelona remains strong, uniting us all, whether we were there or not.

You can find out more about K2’s KINETIC Conference, here.

KINETIC Conference, 2022

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