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Yesterday evening, K2 UK welcomed a number of its partners to K255, our Guildford Office.

Intended to provide our partners with updates from K2, to facilitate networking and to celebrate the strength of our partnerships, the event brought K255 to life on what was a bit of a grey and chilly post-summer evening.

The event began with a series of updates delivered by members of the K2 Team. Ken McCully, Group Commercial Manager, kicked us off with a presentation on the structure of the Commercial Team. Next up were Raffi Cortanyan, Global Head of Training, and Adam Lumley, Group Accounts Payable Team Lead, who spoke about K2’s new AP Portal, an innovative and time-saving invoice processing tool.

Raffi and Adam then handed the microphone over to Nick Plummer, CEO, who delivered a series of updates on K2’s culture and ambitious sustainability initiatives. The presentation piece concluded with Richard Rutledge, Executive Business Director, and Emma Kerslake, Event Specialist, who spoke about the K2 Foundation and the Nepal expedition and volunteering programme, the project which launched the Foundation earlier this year.

With the presentations completed, the partners were then taken through to the kitchen area for drinks, food and networking. During this time, they also had the opportunity to watch two short films, one about the K2 Foundation and one about K2’s commitment to reduce the amount of plastic used in its supply chain, which were playing on loop in the background.

With both the drinks and the conversation flowing freely, nobody wanted to leave! The presentations earlier in the evening had really sparked people’s interest: the K2 Team had questions flying at them left, right and centre, and they found themselves engaging in in-depth discussions about CSR, ESG and the argument that it is the responsibility of key players within the global mobility industry to lead by example when it comes to tackling the global plastics problem.

Reflecting on the event, Emma Kerslake commented that “there is nothing like an in-person event for facilitating free-flowing conversation, for strengthening connections and for building new relationships. It was fantastic to see all of that in action, plus to see all of the projects that K2 is working on, all of the initiatives that it is driving forward, to be brought to life through conversation, discussion and debate. I can’t wait to see how those projects and initiatives evolve because of it, nor can I wait for our next partner event!

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