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The Mairie de Paris (the city’s council) has established two perimeters – green and orange – around event sites. Moving companies are permitted to operate within these perimeters, but only if their vehicles have the correct accreditation. Access to the green perimeter will require vehicles to pass through security checkpoints. Access to the orange perimeter area will require a digital pass granting special authorisation. Digital passes will only be granted for urgent moves, at the discretion of the Mairie de Paris.

When moving, trucks, vans, lorries and containers should expect difficulty parking in front of residences to load and unload. Shuttles and long carries may be required.

Maximum security measures may result in additional paperwork verifications and customs inspections. The occurrence of physical customs inspections may also increase, thus affecting export and import moves. Be prepared for moving conditions to change depending on location, date and the scale of the move.

Communication: Maintain clear lines of communication, particularly around challenges which are likely to affect employee relocation services.

Plan ahead: Use the above map or the interactive map on the Ministère Chargé des Transports’ (Transport Ministry) website to predict whether reaching a particular address is likely to prove problematic during the Summer.

Flexibility: Establish contingency plans should conditions necessitate postponing a move – for example, moves may require postponement due to the availability of digital passes.

Plan for Additional Charges: K2 will strive to minimise additional costs. However, these may be incurred in cases where shuttles and long carries are required.

K2 are keeping a close eye on all of the elements detailed above, and will provide further updates as and when they come through. In the meantime, should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your K2 Account Manager.