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From November 26th – December 13th 2023, 24 members of the global K2 Family undertook a group expedition to Nepal, with the goal of raising funds for the K2 Foundation and the incredible projects it supports. One such project, which was a major catalyst for the organisation of this large-scale fundraising event, is the rebuilding of a school on the outskirts of São Paulo. This project perfectly aligns with the aims of the K2 Foundation, to improve the lives of children in the regions where K2 operates, and on completion will provide a facility for up to 150 children per day to be cared for, schooled and fed.

Half of the K2 Nepal Team took on the Everest Base Camp Trek, with the other half working on projects across communities in the remote villages surrounding Pokhara.

We caught up with the Nepal Expedition team members on their return to find out what each of the trekkers and workers made of the trip. They shared details of the highlights and challenges, and succinctly summed up the adventure in three words.

Despite a difference in itineraries, the collective feeling was the same across the board: one of accomplishment. The K2 Family pulled together to overcome the various mental and physical challenges faced throughout the trip, always keeping the end goal of supporting the K2 Foundation in sight.

Head over to The K2 Foundation website now to read the exit interviews.

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