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K2 Scandinavia go running for the Barncancerfonden cancer charity

On August 29th, K2 Scandinavia organised ‘Little Steps 4 Life’ a 6km charity run to raise money for an organisation designed to benefit children with cancer.

Barncancerfonden (The Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund) is a Swedish organisation that has a vision of eradicating childhood cancer – because cancer is still the most common cause of death in the 1–14 age group. The money raised will be invested in research and training, information and advice and support for those affected and their family members.

We can proudly announce that K2 Worldwide has raised a total of 12,300 SEK (around 1150 EUR) for the charity, exceeding our target of 5000 SEK!

Dilan Tarhan from K2 Scandinavia said, “A sincere thank you to you all for your contributions. It is heart-warming to see so many of you around the globe that care about the cause as much as we do.”

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