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What is the aim of the project? 
By enhancing sustainability practices within the relocation sector, K2 aims to meet the expectations of environmentally conscious clients and pioneer sustainable mobility solutions. 

This project utilises the academic expertise of the University, alongside the 20+ years of Global Mobility sector knowledge that K2 brings to the table, to help drive industry innovation. 

What is nudge theory, in a nutshell? 
Without minimising it too much, nudge theory is the act of making small changes to the external environment, to positively influence behaviour without infringing on an individual’s freedom of choice. 

There are many different types of nudges that can be used. Part of my job during this project will be to work out what nudges will be most effective in this particular scenario. 

What work has been undertaken to date? 
A key first step has been reviewing existing sustainability practices and initiatives at K2, which involves looking at K2’s accreditations and internal sustainability strategies, as well as those of partners and clients, to see how they’re aligned. 

It’s important to try and get a solid comprehension of stakeholder mindsets, and to understand the trends and sentiments within the Global Mobility market as a whole.

I have reviewed notable industry-relevant sustainability policies, plus I’ve undertaken a broader literature review, looking at studies outside the relocation realm that are still applicable, to help guide our research.

What are the next steps? 
We are well on our way to understanding the primary drivers and barriers to sustainable behaviours within the industry. The next step will be the development of the interventions themselves. We will then need to conduct rigorous testing in a laboratory setting to help us determine the most effective approaches and so create a project roadmap.  

In six short months, we have successfully laid the foundations for the project, and I am excited to move into the next phase. Watch this space for more updates!