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This week, K2 UK was audited for four ISO certifications: 9001, 14001, 27001 and 45001, the latter being a new one for us.

Being audited for multiple certifications at the same time was tough, but we are delighted to announce that we passed all four audits with flying colours. 

ISO 9001: Quality Management  

After conducting multiple rigorous interviews, the auditors concluded that “everyone was helpful and very knowledgeable. The client survey results shared are outstanding and just fantastic to see – especially if you consider this certification is service focussed.” The auditors had no non-conformances or OFIs to report. 

ISO 14001: Environmental 

The auditors concluded that K2 UK has a very robust environmental system. We go over and above to ensure correct compliance to legislation and regulations, doing so in a truly commendable way. In fact, in the auditors’ own words, ‘over and above’ is an understatement! In addition, the auditors rated K2 UK’s internal audit programme as outstanding, and stated that our ability to demonstrate outstanding KPIs around client feedback is incredible. To tie it all up, they had no non-conformances or OFIs to report.

ISO 27001: Information Security 

The auditors concluded that K2 UK has great controls and processes in place. We do what we say that we do, plus we are able to demonstrate exactly how we do it, meaning that we are fully compliant with our policies. The auditors remarked that our Statement of Applicability and our ISMS, along with our complete suite of policies of which we can demonstrate constant review, are the best that they have ever seen.

Overall feedback from the auditors was that K2 UK has a great programme and good practices. We are very proactive when it comes to compliance and our ISOs are embedded into our daily working routines. All employees are happy to take part in audits: we are eager to show off our great work and we wax lyrical about management. For the auditors, it was clear that K2 is a family: we love the environment that we are a part of and we wouldn’t want to work anywhere else! 

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