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As part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen our corporate social responsibility, K2 are continuously looking for opportunities to partner with global charities and support local communities within the regions that we operate.


Last week, K2 Sweden took part in a three-day charitable initiative, organised by Danish-based charity Cykling utan ålder (Cyling Without Age). Provided with specially customised rickshaws, members of our K2 Sweden office volunteered their time to take elderly members of the Malmö community out for a cycle around the city.


After picking up residents from nursing homes around the area of Limhamn, a residential area just a short drive from the city of Malmö, the team welcomed passengers into the front of their rickshaws and took off along popular cycling routes, giving residents a chance to soak up the sun and enjoy being outside in the fresh air.


To ensure that passengers were kept hydrated, the team stopped at points of interest to indulge in the Swedish tradition of Fika (coffee’s, cakes and pastries). As our passengers shared stories of the past, the volunteers also brought along a polaroid camera, capturing printed photographs which could be given as a keepsake once the rides were complete.


The three-day event was organised by Kate Ohlsson, who has worked for the organisation for the past 7 years as the Vice Chairman. On reflection of the day, Kate comments: “On behalf of both the residents and the elderly, we at CUÅ would like to thank K2 and all your fantastic staff for these three days! You really did a fantastic job so once again: BIG thanks to you all.”


The volunteer-led organisation has three collective aims: building bridges between generations, strengthening social bonds within communities, and giving those less mobile the feeling of wind through their hair once again. With a voluntary network spanning globally, and over 3000 active locations, we are hoping to roll the initiative out across many of our other K2 offices.


Learn more about K2’s commitment to supporting local communities, here.

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