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On Tuesday 28th February, K2’s CEO Nick Plummer was joined by Associate ESG & Commercial Partner Alexander Seear in hosting a webinar for our partners: The Future of the Supply Chain, and a Recap of 2022. With several K2 partners tuning in both for our morning and evening sessions, the webinar provided a holistic view on sustainability within the global mobility industry and encouraged further collaboration in sustainable commitments.  

To listen to everything mentioned below in full, please click here to view the recording of the webinar. 

A recap of 2022

2022 was undoubtedly a momentous year for K2 as regards sustainability. As one of the six core pillars of our KINETIC five-year business plan, Sustainability is an unwavering focus for now and for the future. Highlights over the past year include: 


A huge thank you to all of our partners who have joined us on our journey of becoming EcoVadis-assessed. Since our standing start in February 2022, 44 partners have already been rated, with a further 14 in progress. Engagement has been amazing: “Engagement of K2 service partners has been simply outstanding.” (Samiya Hirji, EcoVadis Account Manager) We encourage all partners who haven’t yet committed to EcoVadis to strongly consider doing so. 

We want to learn from our partners; we want to understand how we can shape our relationship to the benefit of both parties. Currently sitting at 35% of partners rated, our target is to reach 70% by 2024*. Having achieved the EcoVadis Silver Award, we plan to reach Gold by 2023, and Platinum by 2026.  

How K2 can help you

Over our last twelve months developing ESG, we have learnt not only the steps to take that benefit our EcoVadis rating and reduce sustainability risks, but our partners’, too. Embarking on a new journey is always daunting, but for any questions, K2 are always on hand to assist.  

We provide: 

  • Policy templates 
  • A run-through of the EcoVadis assessment process 
  • Support for continuous improvement 
  • Financial support 

The Future of the Supply Chain – by 2024

We have three main targets to hit by 2024: 

  • Removing plastics from our supply chain. 
  • 70% of our partners rated on EcoVadis*.   
  • The Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Bath.  

K2 aim to meet these targets through collaboration with our partners. We recognise that creating our own ecosystem of sustainable initiatives that can be shared with our partners, and facilitating open dialogue between both partners, will enable us to drive meaningful change.  

Sustainability Metrics on EcoVadis

The Sustainability Metrics page on EcoVadis is an easy method of reporting environmental, social and governance (ESG) KPI’s, the use of which will allow for comprehensive tracking of the improvements brought about by sustainability initiatives. This page uses year on year tracking with quantified metrics to measure the progress of: 

  • Scope 1 & 2 emissions 
  • Scope 3 emissions 
  • Waste  
  • Hours of training
  • Sector specific metrics 

K2 are more than happy to provide help in understanding these metrics, whether that lies in the assistance of recording, calculating or reporting of them. 

To find out more, such as answering frequently asked questions, and further information on what EcoVadis can offer, click here to view the recording of the webinar.  

*of total 2022 spend.  


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