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Back in 2019, K2 CEO Nick Plummer took advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a six month sabbatical away from the business to travel the world with his family.

Nick visited Peru, Ecuador, the Amazon, Galapagos Islands and Columbia before heading up to Central America, North America and over to Asia – taking in Vietnam, Singapore and the Maldives.

An incredibly rewarding trip, with adventure and discovery at its heart, it was an opportunity to explore unknown territory, and meet people from a wide variety of cultures.

During one of the earlier stops on the tour, whilst in Ecuador, the Plummer family stayed in Naranjito and explored the neighbouring village of San Antonio.

A small, unassuming village, in the west of the country, a concrete all sports pitch and tiny local school provided the heart of San Antonio’s local community activity.

Nick explains:

“Being a dad of two football fanatic boys, what really struck me was seeing the children running around on a concrete playing field in bad disrepair with grazed knees. They loved playing sports, but the pitch just wasn’t the ideal terrain, especially for practicing sliding tackles!”

The family continued on their travels but back in the UK, Nick had further time to reflect on what he had seen during his trip and decided he wanted to help support some much needed improvements for the community in San Antonio.

He reached out to Neils Olsen, founder of the accommodation where they had stayed during their visit, and talked through how he could possibly be of assistance and take positive action. Neils, and Hacienda La Danesa, became a valued partner, acting as a local liaison, gathering quotes, arranging for permissions to be granted and engaging contractors.

Mr. Olsen was happy to assist with this project, feeling passionately that visitors to Ecuador should positively contribute to Ecuadorean communities.

Neils said:

“We believe that tourism must be a vehicle for the conservation and development of a nation. When travelers visit Ecuador, there must be a positive impact on our community, whether this is economic, social or environmental.”

K2 is committed to CSR and as part of our commitment to deliver our CSR and ESG goals, we want to support projects that protect and rejuvenate habitats and offer support for disadvantaged communities.

Following a pause in proceedings due to the pandemic, in September 2021 the project to construct a new, all-weather soccer field began. The project was completed on 23rd February 2022 and the community are absolutely overjoyed with the end result.

Luscious looking green artificial grass has replaced the uneven, concrete pitch surface, there’s a colourful sports themed mural, and purpose-built stands for families to cheer from.

Neils continued, “This new football field for the kids in this community will positively impact not only the children but also the young adults’ wellbeing and quality of life”.

This pitch isn’t just a football pitch, it’s a netball court, basketball court and track field – a space within which to safely be children, exercise and have fun. It’s a community hub, a focal point and a meeting place.

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K2 recently committed to support the UN Global Compact and Sustainable Development Goals, and are working towards the full 17 over the course of the next five years. Projects like this go a long way to ensuring healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages (3), reducing inequality (10) and making human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable (11), whilst encouraging effective partnerships (17).

Find out more about K2’s ESG and sustainability focus and initiatives.

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