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Last week, the K2 Americas Client Services team led a two-day workshop with client AB InBev. The aim of the workshop was to take the AB InBev team behind the scenes, showing them how we work and demonstrating why the personal approach that we take is so effective.

Day One saw the K2 team provide a detailed explanation of how they deliver their services, with a particular focus on both the robustness and the flexibility of their processes. They took the AB InBev team to visit a local provider’s warehouse, giving the team the opportunity to take a look at various packing materials and get to grips with air weight.

Day Two saw the teams head out to the Polanco area of Mexico City where they viewed three properties – one low-, one mid- and one high-budget. Viewing the properties in person provided the AB InBev team with a clear understanding of what an assignee could and should expect for their money. The teams also viewed a number of temporary accommodation options and spoke in depth about the availability of local facilities such as supermarkets and medical centres, focusing on the way in which these are introduced to assignees during the settling-in process.

The workshop gave the teams the opportunity to share knowledge and so refine processes. It allowed them to deepen their understanding of each other, thus elevating their partnership from being functional to being truly streamlined, a standard which K2 strives to achieve across its Global Accredited Partner Programme (GAPP).

K2 has entered a really exciting growth phase in the Americas. As we grow, we will ensure that our Because it’s personal approach remains uncompromised by protecting and investing in our strong, long-standing relationships with our partners and our clients. Workshops such as the one run by the K2 Americas Client Services team are just one of the ways in which we will do this.

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