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In our modern world, the importance of having secure technology cannot be overstated. With global businesses dependent on the internet for their operations, cyber security measures are imperative to ensure the protection of information of both a company’s and its clients’.  Thus, K2 are proud to have received a Cyber Essentials Plus Certification.

January 2023 has seen K2 take part in a rigorous cyber security audit – Cyber Essentials Plus. Cyber Essentials Plus is a certification  that’s backed by the UK Government and the NSCS. It tests to see if an organisation’s IT is secure against a cyber-attack, forming a clear picture of how robust the security measures they have in place are. This audit spanned three weeks and tested our protection from a baseline of cyber threats, such as malware, user access control, firewalls, secure configuration and finding vulnerability in external facing servers. The audit shows that we are able to protect ourselves from up to 80% of cyber threats businesses face every day.

Andrew Mycroft, Network Support Officer at K2, explains:

“This certification shows that we have cyber security at the forefront of our minds in everything we do here at K2. With this we can show our clients and partners our commitment to cyber security and reassure them that we are doing our best by keeping their data secure and protected from cyber threats.”

Technology is one of our six strategic pillars of KINETIC, our five-year business plan. Launched at the beginning of 2022, K2 is committed to further developing its technological capabilities, including a combination of short-term deliverables and long term adjectives. This Cyber Essentials Plus certification is a vital step forwards in our technological progression.

Andrew continues:

“Through KINETIC, our technology has improved through multiple streams, one of which is our Ascent programme. Finding out where we can enhance our services through the use of technology like Ascent is crucial in giving our clients the best possible experience.”

Ascent is our case management platform that is unique to K2. It is our live and bespoke application designed in-house to our high specifications. This cloud-based platform enables us to track assignment services worldwide in real-time, giving clear visibility, accountability and accessibility to all of our services. Ascent enables clients, relocating employees and service partners access to updates on all aspects of each relocation.

Read more about our technology and credentials. 

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