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We have been notified of further relaxations in the entry policy of Mainland China as announced on 11 January 2024. Kindly see below the key announcements made on 11 January 2024:

We understand that some foreign nationals who urgently need to come to Mainland China for non-diplomatic and official activities such as business, visiting relatives, and handling personal affairs may be eligible to apply for a port visa with the authorities at the port of arrival. However, we understand this only in case they cannot complete their visas in time and if relevant proof such as invitation letters are held. We have not yet had any clients attempt travel under this new policy as it was recently announced, and we suggest still to plan to obtain visas overseas, if required.

We understand that most (potentially all) foreign nationals can enjoy 24-hour direct transit visa-free access at the 9 international airports in Beijing Capital, Beijing Daxing, Shanghai Pudong, Hangzhou Xiaoshan, Xiamen Gaoqi, Guangzhou Baiyun, Shenzhen Bao’an, Chengdu Tianfu and Xi’an Xianyang. Some conditions apply, such as holding a connecting flight ticket to a third country or region within 24 hours.

Foreign nationals holding a valid visa for short-term non-diplomatic and official activities such as business, visiting relatives, and handling personal affairs, and have legitimate reasons to continue staying in China, may be eligible to extend the visa while onshore in Mainland China.

We understand that the authorities may be more lenient in terms of approving multiple- entry visas by presenting relevant supporting documentation at time of application for a visa or onshore. It is not yet clear how it will be implemented and if multiple-entry visas can be obtained in the first application. For example, currently first-time business visa applicants are normally only issued single or double entry visas with short duration.

It was mentioned that physical documents such as business licenses and accommodation registration may not need to be presented, provided that they can be accessed by the authorities via their internal platforms. Thus, the process of applying for Work Permit (WP) and Residence Permit (RP) may be improved.

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