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K2 USA have run a 6-part virtual roundtable series titled Future Proofing Mobility post Covid-19.

For the introduction to the series, and an overview of the previous sessions, please read the preceding articles 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The fifth roundtable in the series was held mid-May, and explored International Destination Services– Settling in, School Search and Temporary Housing. The session was again facilitated by Brad Shepard, Vice President of Business Development in the US, and Eric Pengelly, Director, Global Account Management.

The session began with a European overview of the current situation within destination services, such as settling in services and school search from our K2 destination services expert, Amanda Lillie, Head of UK Operations. Amanda gave a insightful indication of what services are currently available, which services are available at an adapted level, and what we can expect moving forwards. Amanda was supported by Douglas MacMillan, IOR, who added to the conversation with a US centric perspective. The group proceeded to discuss their most pressing concerns, potential work arounds and best practices that they have been adopting to maximise effectiveness.

The second half of the session looked at the global temporary housing situation, discussing the current trends, the modified service offerings, and what the future may hold, with Craig Partin, EVP Sales & Marketing and Reagan Riley, Global Director Business Development. The roundtable then discussed the current developments and insights and discussed what this might mean for them and their employees, but also the industry.

Session 6 of the series acted as a series summary and re-visited the key topics and considerations and facilitated additional conversation, debate, and best practice sharing within the group.

Want to find out more?

A full session summary of each session, with all the key information and session recomendations, is available. To receive a copy, or to enquire about upcoming virtual roundtables, please contact Brad Shepard, at

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