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People are at the heart of K2’s service excellence commitment so we take great care to recruit and retain the best. To help ensure talent retention, we are committed to supporting our global employees, making sure we recognise and reward, as well as offering varied development opportunities and interesting roles.

In addition to providing internal progression opportunities and clear career pathways, we are proud to be able to offer travel and international relocation opportunities, along with providing a flexible working environment and accommodating agile working arrangements.

At K2, inter-company transfers from one global office to another are not only possible but often actively encouraged. Sometimes these relocations come about through a need that arises in a specific location due to regional growth or new client demands; others are a response to the needs of employees.

We caught up with Commercial Coordinator, Tinus Human‍, to find out about his recent experience of relocating to the UK from K2 South Africa.


How long have you been with K2?


I will have been with K2 for 5 years in October. A fun fact, I am one of only 2 employees (to the best of my knowledge) to have joined the company on their birthday.


What were the circumstances for your transfer?


The move was very much unplanned! My wife and I had been toying with the idea of a new adventure for some time, following many of our family and friends leaving South Africa; but it wasn’t something we were actively pursuing…more of a background idea.

When my wife was offered a new job out of the blue from an ex. colleague it became a much more real possibility, and after some deliberation, consultation and getting our finances in check, we decided to seize the day. With our minds made up, I started conversations with the Senior Leadership team at K2 about the possibility of a move from K2 South Africa to K2 UK.


What excited you about this opportunity?


Having worked with the K2 team in Cape Town for over 4 years, it was a no-brainer to try to stay within the K2 Family when we relocated. The work ethic, quality of service delivery and overall K2 ethos are very much aligned with my personal values, so I was over the moon that K2 were able to accommodate my move.

Having the opportunity to collaborate with international associates in person, many of whom I have worked with virtually for some years, was also particularly exciting.


What challenges did you face during the relocation process?


Working within the corporate mobility industry gives you a bit of a heads up of what to expect from the relocation process, but actually doing it yourself definitely takes you out of your comfort zone.

With any big change like this, there’s a fear of the unknown and you start to imagine all the things that could potentially go wrong, but I’m pleased to say it has been relatively smooth sailing.

As you would expect, the process is very admin-heavy with A LOT of paperwork to complete…I’ve definitely had my fill of filling in forms for some time!


Is there anything you’ve discovered upon arrival to the UK that you wish you’d known beforehand, or anything that’s come as a surprise?


Ask me again in the winter! We’ve been very lucky with the weather so far and seem to have brought the South African sunshine with us, which has made it a bit easier to acclimatize.

I think the colder weather is going to be a bit of a shock to the system, but I’ve been speaking to South African friends and colleagues who live here to try and get some tips on how they cope with British wintertime.


What do you like most about the UK?


There are 3 things that really stick out for me:

1 – Royal Mail! It might sound silly but I honestly can’t get my head around how quick, reliable and cost-efficient the postal service is here.

2 – The rich history and culture. It’s mind-blowing to see so many old buildings and I love admiring all the historical architecture when I’m out and about.

3 – The food! A trip to the local grocery store feels like an exciting expedition. The choice, variety and quality of groceries is amazing. As an example, instead of 10 different cheeses, you have about 100.


What key similarities and differences have you noticed so far between K2 SA and K2 UK?


K2 pride themselves on consistent, uniform service delivery globally, so the move from one office to another has been seamless in that respect. Many of the processes are the same and the commitment to service excellence is present across the board, so it’s just like picking up where I left off.

Of course, every region has their own quirks and customs to get used to!


Having experienced the process first hand, what advice do you have for anyone considering relocating overseas?


This is easy – my main piece of advice for anyone considering relocating would be to bite the bullet and do it sooner rather than later, as you never know what doors it might open! In hindsight, I wish I had tried to do something like this a little bit earlier on.

Feeling blessed and very happy to be part of the K2 UK team!



To find out more about the current opportunities available across our global offices, visit our online careers portal.

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